HLW 7.98a

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  • - delete Circles behind the Fontain of Regenaration
    - if someone Died and he comes back , he is then 3 seconds after the Revive Invul
    - Reworked the ReviveWindows, now they have Color
    - if you type "Save" , the other Teammates get a message that you save and should support you.
    - Fixed a Bug that Jainas Meteors was invisible
    - you can see now if someone Pick a Hero (-ap) and repick a Hero
    - added SameHero mode (-sh)
    - added HeroDraft mode (-hd)
    - added Credits
    - Fixed a Bug that Phoenix destroy the Debuff from Sorceress
    - you can see now the modes on The Hero Terrain
    - set the Automode time from 15 to 20
    - If someone Up his keep he automaticly share with his Team, you get a message if he up his keep
    - New loadingscreen

    Samehero Mode

    - every team get the Same heros, if its 3on4 then the 4th player from team2 get a Randomhero

    Herodraft Mode

    - Every team can ban 2 Hero , they cant picked or repicked or getted from Random.
    - you have 1 min. time for each Ban
    - if you are to slow (after 1 min.) your Ban soul will removed
    - If Ban Soul Owner get a Dc or Leave in the ban phase, then the Ban soul changed his owner
    - after the 4 Bans then you can choose normal which mode you want. (-ap etc.)
    - here you can look :[Review] HLW 7.98a


    - increased Dmg from 100/250/1100 to 100/550/1500

    Mountain king

    - lvl 2 decreased Dmg from 300 to 250
    - lvl 3 decreased Dmg from 900 to 700

    - decreased Dmg lvl 2 from 300 to 250
    - decreased Dmg lvl 3 from 900 to 700

    Panda Brewmaster

    - decreased Dmg lvl 2 from 400 to 300
    - decreased Dmg lvl 3 from 700 to 600
    - decreased Dmg lvl 10 from 15000 to 12000


    - Lordkeko give now 100 not 70 Gold
    - increased dmg from 100 to 120
    - decreased his collizion side from 32 to 5
    - Dark Wizard give now 1600 not 70 Gold
    - decreased his collizion side from 32 to 5
    - increased all Aquesitions Range from 300/500/600 to 800


    - Changed his Armor from Forti to Hero
    - in the Tooltip you see now the Damage

    Blood Mage
    - Changed his Armor from Forti to Hero
    - Increased Damage from 700/7000/70000 to 700/25000/85000
    - Increased HP from 5000/10000/50000 to 5000/40000/130000

    - Now all summoners get his Damaga Aura buff

    Mojo nino808
    - decreased lvl 1 Manacost from 55 to 45
    - changed his classification , cause as ward creeps ignore at first the snakes like Forti Armor

    - deacreased Lvl 6 - Lvl 10 Manacost to 150

    - Decreased Manacost from 350/750/950 to 300/300/300
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