Hvsa map 961f Lagfree and Balance Version

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  • Hello together,
    in the next minutes i will upload the new version to the Pub Bot.


    - fixed a bug that you got gold if you get killed, now the gold transfered correctly to the killer
    - fixed the early lags , now the map should run lagfree

    known issues:

    - sometimes the duel are running if the duelist are dead -> need to votefix
    - sometimes in x3 the winner got teleported to the base -> need to votefix
    - visionbug in some areas

    Balance Changes:

    - All Balance Changes comes from @Vidoq and you can read all balancechanges here (discuss and Feedback are welcome):HvsA X3 961f Balance Version1

    Next Version:

    - new heroes
    - more balance changes
    - w3mmd reworking ( + new starts)
    - Banmode

    So long BuuFuu
    and enjoy to play by us

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