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Newest Files
  • Legion TD Mega 3.6h

    Sariyenne - - 0 Comments


    - surrender vote bug fixed
    - Hyprid Tooltip fixed
    - summons text added
    - Soundsystem added
    - Donators removed because of float text bug

    - Troll fighter AS decresed from 1 to 1,25
    - Aussault Tank nerved: 2 Goblin Driver Amount reduced to 2
  • Legion TD Mega 3.6g1

    Sariyenne - - 2 Comments

    Legion TD Mega 3.6g1
  • Hvsa 2 2.62-191

    Trigman - - 0 Comments

    Last version
  • HVSA 961f v2 Version

    BuuFuu - - 0 Comments

    - fixed a bug that you get with Trigmans X vision behind trees or walls
    - fixed a implement bug that you dont get both DH's in the games
    - worked on a automaticly anticontrol setup, so if you cant move in base you have to wait some seconds and…
  • HVSA 961f Version

    BuuFuu - - 1 Comment

    - Demonhunter duelbugs fixed
    - Panda gives no more double kills and duelbugs fixed
    - you cant no more blink or teleport out of arenas
    - Fixed a Bug with the turtle Giant if you copy him
    - before the duel/X3 fight begin all old units in the arenas will…