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server GhostPlay.DE
Channel [*spacer0]______
Good Luck & Have Fun!
☺ Welcome to ! ☺
Channel Home
Channel Horde VS Alliance
Channel HvsA 1
Channel Alliance 1
Channel Horde 1
Channel HvsA 2
Channel Alliance 2
Client bor
Channel Horde 2
Channel DotA
Channel Counter Strike Nikitos
private_channel ADMINs' Room
private_channel Phoe Weedshop
Channel Cloud2k´s Channel
Channel Fabian´s Channel
Channel Windel Gang´s Crypt
Channel Delta´s Channel
private_channel Clan SeXy
private_channel Clan Nigga
private_channel Clan UAF
private_channel Clan IPL
private_channel Clan EROS wish you all the best for 2017
private_channel Serious Business
Channel Other maps (Legion TD...)
Channel [*spacer0]...
(: Outside WC3 :)
Channel Other computer's games
Channel Chilling room
Channel Music
Channel House
Channel Best Radio Ever
Channel AFK room
private_channel Soulburn´s Crypt
Port: 9987
Version: [Build: 1471538803]
Server OS: Linux
Channels: 35
Clients: 2/512
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