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server GhostPlay.DE
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Good Luck & Have Fun!
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Channel Home
Client FrankTheTank
Client yahia
Channel Horde VS Alliance
Channel HvsA 1
Channel Alliance 1
Client Ben[HotA]
Client Kaneki
Channel HvsA 2
Channel Alliance 1
Channel Horde 2
Channel Horde 1
Channel DotA
Channel Sentinel
Channel Scourge
Channel Legion TD
Channel LTD1
Client headset muted iNt
Channel West
Channel East
Channel LTD2
Channel EAST
Channel West
Channel Other Maps
Client McTr1x | Markus
Client is talking Sleypnir
Channel Hero Line Wars
private_channel ADMIN's Room
private_channel ROOT's Room
private_channel Owner Room
private_channel Map Development
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Clan Area
private_channel Clan LoToS (Dota2/Pubg)
Client is talking ErosAlexis
Client h[A]x0r
Client Sari
private_channel Clan SeXy
private_channel Clan BK
private_channel Serious Business
private_channel Clan IPL
Client DeeGital
Channel VIP Lounge
private_channel Team Wpierlol
private_channel Clan Mad
private_channel Clan [UC]
Channel [*spacer0]...
(: Outside WC3 :)
Channel Other computer's games
Channel Fortnite
Channel Dota2
Client microphone muted Keko_otec
Channel CS
Channel Diablo
Channel Chilling room
Channel Music
Channel coco
Channel Best Radio Ever
Channel AFK room
Port: 9987
Version: [Build: 1478594913]
Server OS: Linux
Channels: 51
Clients: 13/512
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