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server GhostPlay.DE
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Good Luck & Have Fun!
☺ Welcome to ! ☺
Channel Home
Channel Horde VS Alliance
Channel HvsA 1
Client Andreas
Client series
Client is talking Stefan/Baguan
Client Tamy
Channel Alliance 1
Client microphone muted DJOVANNi
Channel Horde 1
Channel HvsA 2
Channel Alliance 1
Channel Horde 2
Client is talking Hades[HotA]
Client Nami[HotA]
Client Random[HotA]
Client SeCreTits[HotA]
Channel DotA
Channel Sentinel
Channel Scourge
Channel Legion TD
Channel LTD1
Client mOAlly
Channel West
Channel East
Channel LTD2
Channel West
Channel EAST
Channel Other Maps
Channel Hero Line Wars
private_channel ADMIN's Room
private_channel ROOT's Room
private_channel Owner Room
private_channel Map Development
Channel [*spacer3]...
Clan Area
private_channel Clan LoToS (Dota2/Pubg)
private_channel Clan SeXy
private_channel Clan BK
private_channel Serious Business
private_channel Clan IPL
Client MesoRegn
Client is talking mojo
private_channel Strafecke
private_channel Team Wpierlol
Client Dest
private_channel Clan Mad
Channel [*spacer0]...
(: Outside WC3 :)
Channel Other computer's games
Channel Dota2
Client Android
Client is talking mjjvasc
Client NeoX
Client parrain
Client is talking Soxeddine
Client yahia
Client Zaak
Channel CS
Channel Chilling room
Client fragend
Channel Music
Client is talking Yasha Blue
Channel coco
Channel Best Radio Ever
Client is talking Music Yash1
Channel AFK room
Port: 9987
Version: [Build: 1478594913]
Server OS: Linux
Channels: 48
Clients: 24/512
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