Pinned Format for Banrequests

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  • Format for Banrequests

    Before creating a banrequest, copy the format and fill out the needed informations:

    Source Code

    1. [b]Your Battle.Net username[/b]
    2. [b]Violator's Battle.Net username[/b]
    3. [b]Gamename or Gamelink[/b]
    4. [b]Rule player violated[/b]
    5. [b]Time of incidents (Note in-game timer or replay timer)[/b]
    6. [b]Any further thoughts[/b]

    Gamelink can be found here:

    Important: If you report maphack, you have to watch the replay by yourself before and post the suspicious scenes. Maphackreports without any important information can be closed without checking.