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  • i checked and for me it looks like orange gave up when sina said that he ruined game and that it was gg
    and atreju didnt feed on purpose he went to help he wasted blink when he was attacking and got and got purged

    well i can say that it was a small wrong for orange to be afk for some mins/sek but on the other
    way alliance was strong killed aura and u later on

    for me he dont deserve a ban sina blamed him for loss
    he died alot. the only small wrong was that afk
    he should have helped to push :D
    When i see a MapHacker
  • still no brain . 3vs5 and you want me to stay forever. It's not for this I'm loosing many games my win ratio like 50proc. It's ok cuz it's game.

    But I don't understand why you hiding in game. Game it's not reality so you are like hiding, not showing face , voice nothing only showing random name, seems it's not enough for you. I think in real life you coward. I know you you will say: I'm bravest man in Europe, but we all know the truth
  • Again guys. You will definitely never see someone's real face UNLESS you face him on fake.

    Westal is someone I played a lot against and with he is a nice guy. SAME when I play with fake. He doesn't act different.

    But there are players acting SUPER DIFFERENT when you on fake (and they don't know who you are)

    It's fun to see these kind of games. And furthermore its ALWAYS better game on fake as on main. Players don't run they think you noob and so on. It's not to hide. I always say who I am and so does red maker if there is a reason to say it. (Like someone accuses of you of mh)

    So please don't say he is "hiding"!
    i ain't a killer, but don't push me Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy ~ Tupac

    Life is a bitch, but I bet I get that bitch wet ~ Money & The Power
  • anyway for me this is bannable cuz he stopped (afk ) for 3 mins ? 2 mins ? 1 min? yeah it's low time but he didn't play good and started just move for all the end of the game so it's same, game ruiner!

    and this is the best shit cuz if he leaves atleast he gives him money but staing there like a moron just destroys other's game so next time is better to leave.

    My toughts~
  • well there is one option to all who want play fakes, whould be 2 bots . One with names. Other only with colours , so if you red your name will be red and ect. So it would be perfect place to all who want play fakes. I know that none will gonna create that one but maybe in future. So that all fakes can fight there.

    There is one more thing when you loosing or playing bad you don't care, you just create new account and none knows there was you, but if you play with main all can all your mistakes and bad games.
    So in my opinion it's hiding playing with fakes
  • @Aniimaplaying on two accounts it's ok. I was talking about redmaker who has tons of accounts, and btw he was admin. When he was admin he played one account, after admin was took he started playing fakes. Of one day he will get admin back he will play one account. So I don't understand how hard is to play one account it would be more fun. Now it's like lottery: guess you gonna play fakes or no. It's a little not fair.
  • i anderstand ur feeling. But i got approximativ 100 haters. They just join my team for feed or appear "newbi" buying arm with warden...or pretend be aura than made it than leave. O got too many haters for playing on main.
    When i was admin np cuz i can ban them or kick them..i know all people all fakes they cant hurt me now. Exemple of kiddo : demonkiller playing on singapour vpn and ruin all my games..
  • Well.
    I checked replay more precisely.
    And I can said that he even dont try play alone [if he had tried, he at least would be high-level], he just teleported back and forth and was afk near to fountain.
    So I give him 2 days like warning ban, because such actions can be treated like simple leave.
    For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  • SO there nameless same opinion with me that made 50% of "game ruin" to 100% now.

    Pardon me, my school started last week so i dont have much time as u can check my games this month, And I also waited one day for more opinion from "admins" or mods, but sadly nobody else except krullbull and nameless here. I really think rabbit and redmaker is right about admins section, it time to make some changes.