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  • Guys accidentally found this topic. The game was 3v5 almost from start, and I was doing my best in it. If I knew it was going to be 3v5 from start I would have picked a different hero.

    I actually want to make a report myself:
    Game: ghostplay.de/stats/game/2043064
    Violator: berna'smom (europe battle net)

    Victim: 90% UltraKill and 10% rest of the team

    Starting around minute 20 until the end of the game ezalor was abusing his teleport on me. He was literally teleporting me non-stop to all kinds of places: hero taverns, jungles, enemies etc. Even though I was playing furi and I could teleport myself(!!!)

    He was doing the same all last night in multiple games. I remember him saying something like "6 games ruined already, thats enough for today".

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  • Hey mates,

    Thank you for your banrequest, momi.

    Mort is already banned by Kael for leaving (2 days).

    Now to furion:

    I need to say, that it was kinda a balanced game, but it got ruined by the leavers (Mort and kleinerluemmel).

    I also did not see any gameruining moves on purpose by furion:

    He started in the jungle at the riverside and got suprised there by bara, who planted an observer ward right at the farming spot of furi. Furi bought some sentries for dewarding and tped on the bottom lane at the woods, to keep on farming there. When he finished that spot, he went back to the midlane spot and dewarded the observer ward there + kept on farming.

    At min 4, he started to gank with his allies. Bara charged mid and chased huskar and furi tped and surrounded bara with trees. Right after that (at min 6), he went to the bottom lane and ganked sniper there, though he got ganked right after by the senti-team at the bottom lane. At min 9, he had his dagon rdy and started his stealing streak, but that is not forbidden. Well, it was kinda frustrating for mort, who only had assists and got ganked all the time, but for me, that is not a reason to leave the game.

    I actually would also say, that furi kept the scourge a long term into the game, though it was 3 vs 5. I had wished for an agha to push and that he goes together with rhasta, but also rhasta only used his snakes for ganks and so they had no pushing power anymore, too. Yes, he sometimes handled stupidly and tried to gank trax or gyro with his dagon 5 and could not kill them sometimes, but most of the times, he went in the team. Also agreed here with furi, that he should have picked differently, when he knew, that it was 3 vs 5. I also think, that he really did not know the effect of Necro Ulti with Agha on other heroes (that they cannot buyback), but I actually would say, that he knows the item itself ;) .

    You really fought bravely for 3 vs 5 and I think, that bara was your loss in the end and not furion. I also think, that I have seen other games (with 5 persons), who had a lower amount of teamplay :)

    Have a good night and best regards, Berna

    PS ultrakill: that ezalor is a known greek gameruiner and he is already permabanned again, don't worry.
    40:20 JersACK: wanna do
    40:21 JersACK: the
    40:23 JersACK: im the king of the world
    40:41 SYD.Berna: come back Jack :D
    40:51 SYD.Berna: xd
    41:17 SYD.Berna: the water is so cold
    41:34 JersACK: breath