Important Questions/Ban Request?

  • Important Questions/Ban Request?

    Hi, I recently watched a friend play WC3 Legion TD Mega x10 and I just bought the game for this map.
    I really enjoy playing tower defense.
    My last game was kinda weird.. I accidently hit enter when typing -hpgmcb and only typed -hp.

    West: SirD4v3, rudat, thewifeishot, SAYMAYNAYM
    East: D4rkBeav3r, Alzor, Montgoris, carina

    4 guys immediately left: rudat, Alzor, Montgoris, carina
    1 was afk for the first 4 rounds: SAYMAYNAYM

    On wave 4 and 5 someone used antistuck on me(my units went from the beginning of the wave back to the middle and wouldnt defend my lane), so I decided to end the game and sold my units(wave6). I had a couple of hydras. (I just saw that there are rules and just read them and I am willing to accept a temporary ban for it), because I wanted to let the game be over sooner than later, so I could join a serious game,
    I didn't even know this forum existed, but the player "thewifeishot" posted a link to this forum.

    How should I have reacted and what could I have done better in this situation?
    I would welcome any help you can give me.

    Thank you
  • hey, welcome to our forum!
    i think its respectable that you come here to admit your mistakes and ask for advice, that seemed to be a nasty situation you were in (havent checked the replay). ill let crazy.girl handle whether you or your teammates get a ban or not, since she was here first but since you are a new player on bk i dont think she will go hard on you :)

    as far as the game goes, you will always get these kinds of games once in a while and more on mega x10 because those games are not played for elo as far as i know. i dont play mega x10 myself but in general, just try to stay calm, use !ignore command for players who annoy you, and follow the rules. you are welcome to report any rule breakers that ruin your games here in the forum and i assume, once you play a few more games on our bots, you will get to know the nice and the toxic players so you can just dodge those lobbies.

    if you have any further specific questions, you can always ask us admins!

    have a nice weekend,
    Bard :)