Gameruiner, Refuse to votekick

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  • Gameruiner, Refuse to votekick

    Your Battle.Net username Stangang
    Violator's Battle.Net username Cokakola (gameruiner), Lapio, Sissi, Spicenec
    Gamename or Gamelink
    Rule player violated Gameruiner, refuse to votekick to a clear ruiner.
    Time of incidents (Note in-game timer or replay timer) Cokakola: min: 10:10 he said: Play 4 Ruin, min 10:53 he says he is an ENT admin and 11:20 he says he wants to ruin BK. Refuse to votekick after I said at min 16:17 that he admited to ruin this game was his motivation and he confirm it at min 16:25. The names on top after Cokakola refused to votekick.
    Any further thoughts It might come to your mind that a game against Geo its lost, and that since our pick we could say that was midway lost but that its not the point here, its to apply the rules on forward a nice and cool game (that is why we have rules). That being said, I do not understand why after Cokakola admited to be ruining the game the other ones did not votekicked him when he also admited it on allchat. I hope this will give them a better thought of the rules in advince. Please despite the fact of the FF, I think there is no such a excuse to apply the Rules from BK and kick Ezalor.
  • Hey Stangi,

    Thank you for your ban request.

    Well ezalor is just a mean boy and not an ent admin or smth. He is isjagut and he is pbanned again.
    Within the 14th minute, he destroyed all his items and went into the lanes on purpose to get ganked by geo or by bara for free food.

    He even admitted, as you said, that he would like to ruin the game on purpose and noone of the opponent team reacted on it, though he said it several times.

    miss_foxy, sissi, lapio and spicenec are all banned 2 for not kicking Ezalor.

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    Best regards, Berna
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