Ban request mh

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  • Ban request mh

    My name: Secretits
    Game link:
    Violation: mh (kostaa), sending gold (palmen_aus_gold)
    Violator: kostaa, palmen_aus_gold
    Time: 11 minutes duel
    Further thoughts: he admits it himself, on duel he has no gem, but he follows my every move, and stays near me with his bears so he can deal maximum damage, everyone said mh at the same time because it was so obvious lol, he also said that he was banned for it before.

    11:17 Mr_Twister: pink
    11:19 Mr_Twister: no gem
    11:21 Mr_Twister: wow
    11:27 DARKMOON: mh ?-_-
    11:28 DARKMOON: -holy
    11:29 Secretits: mh
    11:31 kostaa: Y
    11:31 DARKMOON: holy
    11:31 DARKMOON: -holy
    11:32 DARKMOON: -holy
    11:34 PALMEN_AUS_GOLD: -haha
    11:34 DARKMOON: -holy
    11:35 DARKMOON: -holy
    11:42 22NELY[NEP]: mh
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