Possible MH

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  • Possible MH

    Your Battle.Net username Stangang
    Violator's Battle.Net username Litlestar
    Gamename or Gamelink ghostplay.de/stats/game/2109828
    Rule player violated Might be MH
    Time of incidents (Note in-game timer or replay timer) 11:10 we was on a team fight on top Line and after all was finished he stays near tower when slark was waiting for him to catch him, no wards. 33:15 I tepped on bot line because of bara charging Void in river and went since I got in line till finding them with lothar and he used Dust exactly at the moment when I was near enough to be revealed by dust.
    Any further thoughts: I am not 100% sure, but would like to get checked by an admin. Its really hard to tell.
  • So I watched the game so far.

    Here are my two cents on some key moments during the game:
    1:55 He does not react to Bara charging in his direction until he comes in vision, though it was visible that he was not targeting Never at some point.
    2:55 Very late reaction to slark gank. Pretty shure that he has no mh there. Well atleast maybe not turned on yet.
    4:40 Again Very late reaction to Bara charge.
    11:10 Looks suspicious, but he was like 90% shure slark was there since he chased Mort at that spot before. Also, why wouldn't you go back when u see slark giving up and returning to base? The path was clear but he still hid in the trees. Looks like good map awareness rather then mh.
    At some point he sets a highground ward midlane, imo a pretty weird and useless move for a maphacker, if he just uses wards to hide his hack there would be a bazillion better spots.
    20:52 Failed a deward. Well this is a very big point for the no hack list. Still could be faking it to cloak his hack but how likely is that?
    33:35 Holy fuck dat Dust. Here i am really missing out on a reasonable explanation. That is a heavy indicator for maphack. He had no vision of you the whole time. So either maphack or stupid luck because he was expecting slark or you there.

    So All in all I was totally against mh here until I saw the dust at 33:35. Maybe I will watch another game when I got time.
    For this game though I am not able to find any hard evidence and waaaay to many things that speak against mh.
    The shier amount of wards and failed dewards alone already speak heavyly in favor of Litlestar.

    More reviews appriciated though.

  • Check the game i played against him when he picked tiny.
    Timestamp: when i insulted him really hard. Game is a few weeks ago, but i cannot check it since i am on phone and trying to find a good spot so i can put my head on my pillow and sleep. Cya
  • Hey Etienne,

    not sure, but I think, it is this one? ghostplay.de/stats/game/2096757

    You said to me in PM, that it was a tiny game of him, where you raged a lot :P

    Best regards, Berna
    40:20 JersACK: wanna do
    40:21 JersACK: the
    40:23 JersACK: im the king of the world
    40:41 SYD.Berna: come back Jack :D
    40:51 SYD.Berna: xd
    41:17 SYD.Berna: the water is so cold
    41:34 JersACK: breath
  • So here is the other one that I forgot to report:


    On this game Invo has a clearly MH

    24:14 why he goes invi for a rune? when the rest of the time he just went in without problem. Also Invo got invi without vision of Tiny and lift himeself up when Tiny was near. Without previous vision from his ward on river.
    28:40 took coin for his bottle and was heading mid than change his way and goes for vengue, during this has vision of Invo decide not going for him cuz there are other enemies near by so continue and goes for Vengue.
    31:30 check his life and mana he decide not to go for coin and uses dagger to go out while Invo went to get coin on river and was heading back to mid.
    33:28 he lost vision of invo cuz Invos invi and despite the fact he could have go for coin on top went for the bot one "finding" on his way Invo who was right there.
    39:39 Tiny points a spot near by where the enemies were reunited.
    40:10 Tiny dagger into top lane to "catch some creeps" but he find Invo.

    Despite the fact that sometimes he does not care into jumping into a enemy's lane to kill and some others he does hesitate because of an extensive analisys of the map in a few 5 seconds realizing that there are some enemies near.
  • yo,

    i checked a lot of gameplays by litlestar meanwhile.
    How enigmatic already explained, there are much more points against mh (bara charges, fail dewards, generally movement) then for it. And the few who speak for it are easy to explain: mapawareness + foresighted thinking.
    About the suspicious dust scene: He played against 2 top Gank heroes (slark+ursa) both with lothars. So, you always have to expect a gank and a rnd dust ist nothing special here for me.

    I also checked the tiny replay which is mentioned above.
    I wanna give you some examples which speak truly against your accusations:

    This is a simple one. Once with fog and once without. Just have a look on the Minimaps pls.
    He tried to gank the botlane jungle but didn´t expect 3 enemys there. You can clearly see it on the first pic.
    Would be rly dumb to act like this, allthough there is an enemy in his own jungle :D

    Another one:
    Invisible juggernaut next to him. He had a dust, so why he did not use it?

    I saw tons more scences like these but im to lazy to show them all :P

    All in all i can say he is a very smart and experienced Player but he use definitely no maphack. Whole DotA Team agreed.
    Btw cause you said egs would use mh too. I know him long enough to know he do not use it now neither in the future.

    see ya ingame guys