DotA Autodraw/Autoban

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    • DotA Autodraw/Autoban

      Autoban duration? 48
        4 hours (18) 38%
        2 Days (30) 63%

      Since Monday autodraw and autoban is online on bot8.
      Its still a Testphase, so if you feel treated unfairly or you see any weird bans, please let us know and create a Thread in our Support Section. Thank you in advance.
      We already had the case somebody was banned after a draw, for example. But timpson will find a solution for this aswell. @timpson a big thank you for your work at this point ;)

      Autodraw works as follows:
      - Games with more than 2 leavers in the first 5 1/2 minutes will get drawed
      - Games with more than 1 leaver per team in the first 5 1/2 minutes will get drawed
      -> 5vs4 and 4vs4 is ok

      - all players who leave in the first 5 1/2 Minutes
      - current duration 2 Days

      What do you think about the ban duration? give your vote


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      this should be my 1000 post ;)

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    • Hey, if i would say something.

      Well, about autoban. If someones is afk, he get ban for afk (autoban) 4 hours would be fine. If player, want to be unbanned he make appeal. And admin, should check his history, and if he get 2x ( or more ) bans from autoban (afk, leave or smth) admin should increase his ban :)

      About autodraw, thank you because it is really needed. Also, there autoban is great. If 2 players leave in 5 mins, they get automatically ban. So good job Shagy, and Timp and the others.

      Best regards, NewSun :)
    • About the 4hrs ban:
      People take it too easy when they have only 30mins for playing and need go to work / college / girlfriend afterwards, they think "So what? I get banned 4 hrs, I am not at home anyway".
      With a 2 days ban they will think twice if they join a game when they haven't much time left and there's still the option to write an appeal if something urgent happened.
    • C.Ronaldo7 wrote:

      i am for ban 5 days for leavers....AND NO AUTODRAW,after FIRST BLOOD...
      because some1 can take first blood on rune,he leave,and autodraw? so stupid :D
      what the fuck?!
      5 days for leave?

      So i ban you for hard stacking too? How you want become admin, with this? ?(
      Never didn't see 5 days ban for leave, even if he don't have any ban for leave...

      If he have massive bans for leave, then admins decide to increase his han
    • Mhh,
      Kind of biased atm, I would say give them a normal 2 day leaverban if the system stays like it is.

      If it is possible somehow we could implement something like an increasing banduration though.
      Same thing that admins already do here. If the player has a really bad history of leaverbans we tend to increase the ban duration over and over again.
      That said I have no clue on how the coding of the bot works and if it is even an option or if it's too complicated.

      My suggestion then would be something like:
      • Check all alias for Autobans/Leaverbans
      • First leave 4h Autoban
      • ≥1 two days Autoban
      • ≥3 five days Autoban
      If this works somehow everybody would be pleased :)

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    • if it was dependent on the stay rate, everyone with very high stay rates would only ever get 4 hours for auto ban, I like @EnigM4tic idea, if they get more than 3 leaves, 5 days sound great cuz then they will think on that and plan ahead of time next time to anticipate how much time they need for whole game before going somewhere or switching to a new game just cuz they think they lost!! autodraw though, that will just make people mad, and can count towards autoban for leave on a draw as stated that there is that glitch!!leave a draw up to a vote, but if a draw is in order by rules of however many is needed to qualify for draw and the other team with the most or all their players dont vote, ban them for a day or 2.
    • Hi guys, as a first step I think 2 days its good and make it progressive as someone suggested above.
      I must say that a couple of times I got disconnected because of my internet failure and once I needed to go, and explain it to my team (Some real life thing happened).
      I think that its important to not overcharge the admins or mods work on watching all the autobahns.
      On the other hand the person who needed to leave can make a ban appeal an problem solved, its quiet easy to check that with the Log's.
      What makes me afraid its the fact of feeders and leavers, for example:
      If someone feed for 5 mins and then leave and the game stays 5 vs 4 the autodraw will not work here, and its still unfair that the team who lost a player (for any kind of reason) and in worst, but pretty possible, case feed, must wait for the !draw from the other team, from my point of view seems pretty unfair.
      What about decreasing the amount of !draw to 5? So what we will see its if the team that has lost a player have the chance to decide and chose what its best for them, and we will be appealing to the Fair Play of one from the other team to make both parts participating on this. Also happened that the team with 4 players, there is one player who decide to continue playing when the other 3 do not want to keep it going for any reason, this will also prevent from those players that want to keep they will and make all the others (3 in this case) to keep playing, this seems pretty undemocratic. So in this case just and extra vote from the other team; to me seems quiet good. There are plenty of fair players here, and some other that are not.
      We must recognize that obviosly this will not prevent all cases and we still need to appeal to the fairness from the players. About a timelimit I am not sure because when a players feeds and keep feeding and the other team does not want to !votekick him this will also give an oportunity to appeal to the good sense of half of the players in game.
      What do you think?