Ban Request - Leaver, Lane stealer, Feeder on Purpose

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  • Ban Request - Leaver, Lane stealer, Feeder on Purpose

    1. Your Battle.Net username: RollstuhlRonny
    2. Violator's Battle.Net username: Dr.Cema
    3. Gamename or Gamelink:
    4. Rule player violated: Leaver, Feeder on purpose, Lane steal
    5. Time of incidents (Note in-game timer or replay timer): 00:09:20 has left the game voluntarily
    6. Game Log for Lane steal:
    7. 00:16 RollstuhlRonny: !scores
      00:18 GexZloy: !scores
      00:18 K_P_T_N: !scores
      00:20 RollstuhlRonny: !sd k_
      00:23 RollstuhlRonny: !sd adm
      00:33 RollstuhlRonny: !sd admiral
      00:37 RollstuhlRonny: !sd tintin
      00:39 admiralmd: !scores
      00:51 RollstuhlRonny: let me go mid
      01:08 K_P_T_N: !scores
      01:12 tintin: !scores
      01:22 RollstuhlRonny: go for silencer someone
      01:32 tintin: not me
      01:36 RollstuhlRonny: cema
      01:38 RollstuhlRonny: im mid
      01:40 RollstuhlRonny: i called it
      01:54 RollstuhlRonny: get
      01:56 RollstuhlRonny: away
      02:12 RollstuhlRonny: hey
      02:13 RollstuhlRonny: wtf
      02:16 RollstuhlRonny: go out
      02:20 RollstuhlRonny: of my lane
      02:29 BipBip: and he go mid
      02:49 RollstuhlRonny: I M MID
      03:03 RollstuhlRonny: !votekick dr
    Edit: I deleted the messages of the other team, so its easier to read ;)

    Regards Ronny

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