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    KraunKy wrote:

    accept it.....your iq is to high for this world

    Search the next bridge and jump from them and then u must hope that u find other people in the paradise with the same high iq like yours...
    it's too high.

    And jump from them? I don't get it there is one Bridge how can I jump from them if it's one?

    I basically troll 99% of the time on this forum and just shittalk for fun . But you are serious.

    Ouh boi train station 2019
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    This thread has gone long enough, i think he deserves a chance, unlike other players that got banned for hacking he does not flame and also does not to try to ruin games when he gets banned, doesn't try to hide, admits when he is caught, and has provided solution if he ever gets reported.

    Ill close this since most of it is spam,

    Waiting for roots to respond about this thread. @Danny. , @krullbull