Banned in a 14min. game

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  • Banned in a 14min. game

    Hi there,

    can you please check the game again.
    I was banned because of leave in 8:36.
    I was banned by Secretits.
    So i was wondering why I was banned in this game. Her is my reason:
    Why ban someone in a game where first:
    1) was not the first to leave
    2) the game only last 14 min. and i left at 8:36
    3)The game was unbalanced
    ALLIANCE has 36.1% chance for winning this game.
    HORDE has 63.9% chance for winning this game.
    Medium unbalancing detected.
    4) I left because game was lost, please check the stats (death/kill) of each player and it was like that in the beginning of the game.
    5) Alliance had ZERO kill in this game
    6) i dont understand why stackers go report people who are locking for a balanced game

    So i dont know about you, but somethimes you need to play like 3 or 4 games to find one worth it, The reason is you have linestealer or flamer or leaver in game. Most of the time it is unbalanced.
    I dont mind people leaving an game which is lost.
    No one should be punshied for that.


    (OFC i know there is a slippery slope in my argument, but please see my point as a general take on unbalanced games (like 14 min. games which no kills on one side) should be excluded from the rule.
  • Hello:

    Game cannot be over its minute 8 you never know what will happen, item luck, dc of other team, lucky kills, i had much worser game and i didn't leave them, sometimes won, sometimes lost, be it for any of the reasons i wrote in this reply or something else. Also it is 14 minute game because all left after you two did.
    Unbanned, do not leave so early next time.