is BK Dota dead?

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  • Peachtree/EmBeR wrote:

    dota is simply not fun anymore (apart from ih). Always same retards pick same op-retard heroes. 83 is prolly the most unbalanced map with em mode and games can be decided only by picking few certain heroes.
    This happens on every -em bot. The fact that you guys are allowing this to keep going, by letting the trash people keep playing on this bot, and i don’t need to name these plaers, you are the ones responsible for driving other good players away from the bot, despite of all the stuff that has been going on like bots down or blizzard patches, so we are back to the same subject, which is that you guys never planned fir anything and just picked the easy way in order so you can have fun, not even thinking of the consequences that will occur in the future. Now the future is here and you guys are crying
  • if you only blame the ppl, who want good games without toxic rulebreakers, for the whole trend, you kinda miss the point completely. its just a consequence of some issue that was always present, but now got even worse. the main issue was the patch. now gameruining behaviour feels that much more grave when you only have a few games starting. you cant force ppl who are sick of ruiners to play with the latter just for the sake of keeping the bot alive. they lose fun, they go elsewhere, ez as that.

    like hoarfrost mentioned, the -ap games are not 100% closed to public. the whole project is not like some real life gated community. every half known player with a little clue can join them, but i made rly bad experience with accepting random ppl. most of them dont talk a single word, pick their all-in noob hero, disregard teamplay and leave once they start feeding. its not a requirement to be utterly highskilled to play the -ap ih, but if they cant even stick to the most common rules its not worth accepting them.

    besides, ill take a community of 50 decent players having a few but good games together over a community of 1000 players consisting of all kind of toxic trash who can start some low quality game every 5 min. i got less and less time for gaming as i get older, so im not gonna waste my time on some ruined games.
  • ok now that i am home and on PC, i will explain further more of what i am talking about:

    when was the last thing that happened on that actually attracted people to visit it, view the forum, get to know to the bots?
    you see, every name, post, thread, can actually be found on google ( and i am sure alot of you people don't even know that ) , and that people search for stuff that they need, like support with the latest patch. ill give you an example.

    everyone at that time will search for warcraft 3 patch 1.29 on google, issues and solutions, etc. also google search for tags, so you can add tags on the thread which makes it searchable in the forum and on google.

    so lets keep talking about this example. 13.767 viewers and still going on, which was a plan to :

    1. help people
    2. attract more wc3 players to the forum

    and it did. but the real problem is, that it wasn't enough. cause the cancer going on with the players either inside the forum or in the games is just unbearable, and no one would wish to stick around with them.
    some people asked me this: why did you even do that thread? too much work.

    yes it's true, cause if you want to have fun, you have to fix that shit first, then fun comes later, cause when you do, you will keep having fun. AND VICE VERSA.
    here is what is going on:

    you had your fun in the past, but you didn't fix anything. Now, you cannot have any more fun, crying about the present and the present future cause more people are leaving the bot like everyday. you cannot even work on anything or even plan, cause you only think selfishly about your own selves and that is it.

    so, before that thread that i just mentioned, which was the last thread that actually attracted people to this forum? let's check :

    the plan was, not to brag that i can do videos and shit like that as some people accused me of being an ( attention whore ). the real reason was a plan to attract more people to the bot, play nice games and actually use their skills, in order so i can make more videos and let their names be more famous over the web. i made 2 videos, then was on my way making the third one, but alot of stuff happened during that time, and i didn't receive much help from the good old members here. so i stopped everything.
    again, forum was only full of ban requests, spams all over, and ridiculously boring that no one will stay in a forum and actually engage with the community and interact with members who keep talking bullshit all the time for no reason.

    so, again, when was the last time people got attracted to go inside the forum for something useful?

    47992 views on this thread, alot of people joined to interact and get the help needed, which are still in this forum until this day. these are example of making plans for the future.

    so tell me? what exactly have you done to make this bot better, apart from thinking about inhouse games where you kick the players you don't know, or even letting the forum members say and act however they want to without taking any action except "grabbing popcorn" as 1 admin said in shoutbox the other day?

    i guess this is a good explanation and again, i am not bragging about what i have done and i don't even care, at least i know that i tried and succeeded.

    best of luck
  • hajst wrote:

    besides, ill take a community of 50 decent players having a few but good games together over a community of 1000 players consisting of all kind of toxic trash who can start some low quality game every 5 min. i got less and less time for gaming as i get older, so im not gonna waste my time on some ruined games.
    you are the one missing the point, check this picture and explain it to yourself

    you are not the only person in the world playing this game @hajst , and not even that it's only your generation who is playing this game.

    now i got work to do, so i have no further comments here.

    i really wish everyone the best of luck, but note that the way you are going is not the right path if you wanna make this bot better.

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  • If i can add something from my view.
    Its way easier to find out an Ohs than Bk bot

    I mean in past I was searching for dota games in b-net via change map-size in filter to medium, you know much easier then searching dota bots between all others games. Idk why but if you do that, the only dota bot which you can see is Ohs bot, I talked about that with some ppl and they said me, that they also use this way to find out dota games, and only Ohs is visible as dota bot.

    As a long bk player I learnt to use stats page to copy game-name to direct join bk games, but these ppl who dont know this way are login to bot which is visible.

    Not sure if all ppl got same problem or if this could be solve
  • @TheEGStv
    I agree with a lot of what you said. Maybe we do not plan enough for the future. Actually as its first time i am admin, i dot have soooo many ideas about what could be done.
    But i disageee on one of your point : We do not cry actually so dont use this argument for a fact. No idea where you saw any of us crying.
    I'm pretty much like lord puma. I can't find BK games anymore on game lists in bnet. Or its VERY VERY VERY rare when i find one. I all the time check the stats page when i want to go for a game. I dont know why this is so... but this is probably the main problem. A lot of people dont bother opening an internet page to get Dota game names. So they dont find us.... At my level, i have no idea how to fix this
  • I actually do not see here anyone crying. I just see some people, who try to find a solution, how the bot can be attracted again.

    I basically invited everyone to play non-em, I even asked Binger or also the quellneger to play with us, to take a look into these privs. I got surprised, cause these dudes, who used to flame and votekickabuse in these apem-games really did their best in the ih-games.

    Also, that you blame us, that we do not communicate with dodgers etc are simply wrong. I am writing regularly to Ghostdota, also to the negerbros, but I cannot force them to make an unban appeal. Also, Kael and Ronaldo received their second chance, though they ruined a lot of games. I have the feeling, that you present us as lazy buds, though I spend a lot of my free time for BK and for the players, who are here.

    Though, we also had weeks, where I could not host ih at all, cause I was on the late shift and the botwork kept on as before. These games also got played on peak times of BK, so 6 apem games were running at the same time and mby 1 ih game then.

    I just think, that by time, the players will come back to BK, when they see, that the bots and patches are stable again.

    Best regards, Berna
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  • were all living in 2018 while egs is alrdy in 3018 with his thoughts :D dunno what i did for this community all the time, guess mostly abusing on poor souls like that pablo guy!
    anyway, this game is by far not the center of my life (anymore) and thus i put in effort accordingly. sparing the obvious, ofc i cant speak for anyone else but me, but maybe some ppl feel the same.

    btw there is a little twist to the comic when it comes to collecting new players. how would anyone ever start to play DotA when they get flamed and vk'ed by toxic ppl on every of their first steps? there is no "new generation" of wc3 DotA players, its just the same old nasty guys on smurf throwing stones in their way. DotA 2 has tutorial and matchmaking dedicated to new players, here i havent seen a guy who started recently and made it into higher ranks... its pure frustration to get started.

    @lord-puma exactly my thoughts. making the BK bot show up on the ticker again would help a lot. games are for sure not better on ohs or ent, ppl just go for the first bot that pops up.
  • Players like me and binger would completely blend in, if there wouldnt be so many idiots. When i see Davidnguyen , mexicanwisp ,who are no new players, with buritza on axe, i try to give them advice.However if they continue with their business then ofc they get the classy classic " Fuck you, your mom and your whole fucking family" from me.
    Players with the reaction time of a frog, 1/10 kda smurfs, players oblivious of the minimaps existence, players who play like they dont give a shiet about the game etc...These are your true toxic and cancerous players. No non-newplayer mode needed, just a non-idiot mode.
    In a battle of ideas , it's people who die.