Leaver, gameruiner, refuse to vk

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  • Leaver, gameruiner, refuse to vk

    Your Battle.Net username Stangang
    Violator's Battle.Net username eat'marrows (gameruiner), artl Refuse to Votekick ruiner, stoneroller (leaver)
    Gamename or Gamelink ghostplay.de/stats/game/2262735
    Rule player violatedGame ruiner, refuse vk
    Time of incidents (Note in-game timer or replay timer)
    Any further thoughts Pls If you say that this would have not change how does game went thru I will say to that: Bullshit!! Please be consequent to the rules even if would have not make any change rules must be apply! if not what are they for? Thanks.
    38:13 Eat'mArrows: spec
    38:17 Eat'mArrows: come to roshan
    38:18 fuzzywuzzy: all top for min?
    38:24 nitrobyt(lion): no
    38:29 Eat'mArrows: why not
    38:33 Eat'mArrows: i ave a gift
    39:05 Eat'mArrows: pudge come
    39:15 Eat'mArrows: take dr
    39:24 Eat'mArrows: take my dr
    39:35 Stangang: !votekick eat

    So this guy must be rather cr!ti(4lhit or brudibrudi wich one is? he smurfed and he talked about this other game: ghostplay.de/stats/game/2262679

    29:04 Cr!ti(4lHiT: can you ck the ruiner now?
    29:09 Cr!ti(4lHiT: after he won for you
    29:11 Stangang: ask tufu
    29:11 Cr!ti(4lHiT: ....
    29:19 Stoneroller: sry. but i called for help top.
    29:23 wabble: NOOooOOOoOoOoOOO
    29:31 brudibrudi: you are a fucking ruiner
    29:34 brudibrudi: just cause u call for help
    29:38 brudibrudi: u dont need to feed them to no end

    @Peachtree/EmBeR @Neimad @hoarfrost

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  • Hi,

    eat'marrows (Mortred) sold all his items, bought a divine rapier and let himself kill by pudge at min 39. Luckily Furion could pick it up. Later he just dived into the enemies in order to get killed once more. Although you already lost the bottom barracks you had kinda strong carries and the game wasn't over yet.
    I banned him 5 days for gameruin.

    I wont ban artl (Pudge) because there was only one votekick attempt, maybe he didn't notice / realize what happened.

    stoneroller (Traxex) is banned 2 days for leave.


    Sorry for my leave, a bug pwned me :(

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