2nd chance? :)

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  • 2nd chance? :)

    Hello everyone im back its me Rebornlegend

    I dont know if some of you guys still remember me, but im back and here to ask to get unbanned again i really mean it and im very sorry for my past, and i know some people dont like me, but im really not the same person i used to be, and belive me im really sorry for what i have done, i only tryed maphack once and got autokicked from the bot, just to test it really and i never ever touching that ever again,
    I just want a 2nd chance whatever it takes since this is my chilldhood game and i really enjoy playing with some friends i have from here and want to help the game growing since i have played this game since the start and cant let it go.

    Also i want to say i got automatically unbanned from the BK bot since its been that long ago since i have been banned so i have been playing few games om JensenTFT accaunt and no one even mentioned maphack once, and no issues at all, i try to be polite to everyone and nice, also i couldve just got away with playing on that without no one knowing but i really wanna get unbanned the right way since i really have changed and want to get unbanned the right way
    Sorry everyone for all the things i have done in the past, i really mean that im a better person now and i really hope i can get a 2nd chance, belive me i wont do the same mistake

    Hello everyone!! Love y’all <3 :)

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  • Bard wrote:

    I come from the league of legends community and there was one case of a player known as jensen/incarnati0n who was perma banned years ago for elo boosting, insane toxicity and ddosing. For like the next 2 years he kept dodging his ban while continuously reaching rank 1 on the europe west server on multiple accounts. He stopped all his offenses, showed great behavior in game and at the same time he was in contact with riot games about an unban. At first the ignored it and kept banning his account but after multiple years they finally made a deal with him and now he has been a pro player and one of the best players in all of lol for like 3 years.

    My point is, everyone can make a mistake, also very big mistakes but in some cases people really do change and deserve a second shot. As far as i know that was the first time riot unbanned a perma banned player and it definitely payed off. We dont have much to lose but we have a lot to gain in a player like yasha who has continuously shown us that he genuinely cares about this community and that he regrets his actions. Everybody can see that and ofc we shoudnt make this a regular thing, nobody should ever expect to get unbanned from a perma ban and none of the other map hackers showed close to the same effort in getting our trust back, so ofc they stay banned. We should make an example of yasha and show them that with great commitment, over years, we can be merciful and if only a handful of them improve their behavior because of that, we made ghostplay a better community already.

    So my vote is for a second chance, it should be easy to track whether he uses it or not, he is just one player and we are a bunch of capable admins/humans :P ;) :D

    Have a great and successful new year everyone!
    Bard :)
    i saw some of the old ban appeals and i think in some way it relates to me as well, since Jensen is actually from denmark as well haha coincidence?, also he did some shit in his past like ddosing, elo boosting, and insane toxicity and he got a 2nd chance, and now look at him he is one of the best league players.
    My point is like i did some mistakes, i know and i cant really do anything else than to apologize, im a human being and not a robot, i am not programmed to be perfect, so i really hope u guys can forgive my past and see the new me and i promise i’ll prove u guys who are in doubt that i am not the same guy as i used to be and i 100% dont use any third party programmers nor i ever will be using.
    Maybe i could try the adminbuddy thing as well like yasharan did, i promise i will do my best and not do it again, im a human being i made a mistake and regret it, i just want to play my childhood game without being in trouble or anything

    Sorry again for my past everyone :)

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  • I also want to say sorry for my past, I regret my actions and would like to be unbananed. I changed, I converted to buddhism and now I love everyone and everything. Please give me a chance this game is my life I don't want keep dodging all the time :( I just want peace :( Plz plz unbanananananana meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • hehe timetobeanormalplayer now maybe ? :D

    i have seen you many time with your all fakes , btw you still have real skills ans noi mh ( but my eyes is a bit sleepy sometimes :D ) , no real strange move more than jersack , dave , hades or other goods players who anticipate the game :)

    i really hope you got an unban , but they are hard with olds noobs mhers , see sunny he is in same case like you , and still hunted ...

    my best wish for you naab .
  • Also i just want to say sunny used maphack in alot of games, and i just wanted to test it, than i got kicked by the bot and i uninstalled it and never used it after that.
    So in theory i never actually got to use it vs someone so i did no harm to anyone, even tho my intentions were just to test it out, obviously i really regret that mistake and will never try or test any hacks ever again, also hacking just ruines the game whats the fun in that, if i could just get 1 chance i promise i wont take that for granted and will do whatever u want me to do, to make up the dumb mistake

  • Hey dropsy i think u misunderstood some things

    1. I told u i didnt use mh vs anyone.. got autokicked and deleted it
    2 i never tryed to take uruns acc but i said that i was urun so i could play hvsa, without getting in trouble since i never got a chance to proof that im not hacking, but obviously it wasnt the right thing to use his identity so i apologized to him and i know him pretty good so he said it was fine, please dont assume things if u dont know it all go check some old ban appeals u see it
    3. Yeah this term i agree i lied but it was only cause i never got a chance to proof my self in 2 years!!! Like i did a mistake 2 years ago that maybe lasted 30sec and regretting it since
    I only lied about urun cause there isnt any other good danish players than me and him, so that was the only way for me to play...

    4. Bandodge is really interesting ur saying this cause i allready wrote in the ban appeal the ban expired and well im free atm, really im saying 100% truth right now belive me or not but im done with the lying phase, im not the same person as i used to be so i hope i can get a 2nd chance

    Also imagine u do a mistake once and u have to be in jail forever. That wouldnt be fun would it?
    Im sorry and i really hope i can get a chance just to prove my self just once it would mean alot to me

    Also i said i did somethings in the past i regret, sadly i cant go back in time if i could i would, but im not the same person anymore that i was 2 years so please dont bring up things that happend 2 years ago or in the past

    I just want to move on... :)

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