Unban plz

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  • sabroz_26a
    reason - leaver
    C'mon, this time I got REALLY shitty team ( game [BK] HORDE VS ALLIANCE #6345; look at stats of my team - h3rmesK/D 2/16 or januar 3/12 <X <X <X + 5v4 ( with those two noobs, so it was 5v2.5 game in fact ) from 08:33 + 1 ally was AFK [ first lev hero after 8 minutes of the game, rly? ] || || || ) + enemy team started to play 4v1 against me ( look at my last death ), so it was senseless and waste of time + I wanna play so, so. sooooo badly right now ( 2 days off ).

    Plz, be a human and give me a chance. :)

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  • the only one who left from your team is you and the game leasat for 1 hour 6 min you kidding me you left your team maybe with you they could have won game wasnt over for another 1 hour no unbanyou all need to learn to not leave games too early and try your best dont blame your team for your mistakes you died 4 times and rageout thats not how it works