Bann for no reason ..

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  • Bann for no reason ..

    1. Warcraft 3 Account: Shawnstein
    2. Who banned you?: Konku
    3. Why are you banned: "Game ruin"
    4. Why you should be unbanned: I drawed because my mate and me didnt clear up if we gonna cross or no, tried to build in the last second but couldnt make it. I voted for a draw and basicly thats it. It s more than an unfair bann for me and the admin should appologize for this treatment. How can an admin bann someone if he doesnt understand what we were texting in german? no words for that. I never said that i was afk, i just voted for a draw because i couldnt make it in time .. read the game log
    5. Game Link:

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  • @Konku
    00:07 Shawnstein: -cls
    00:09 wc3_elis: cross?
    00:10 Shawnstein: -zoom 199
    00:13 zyrow: -rolls
    00:17 3LC4PiT4n-: go solo
    00:19 3LC4PiT4n-: -rolls
    00:20 wc3_elis: kk
    00:22 Shawnstein: zyrow?
    00:24 Shawnstein: baust du? = would you like to build?
    00:30 bier4life: -zoom 200
    00:33 zyrow: hab nur schrott = I just got shit units
    00:35 Shawnstein: k
    00:37 wc3_elis: duuu = you
    00:39 wc3_elis: du hast = you got
    00:40 sebo22: -zoom 200
    00:42 wc3_elis: du hast mich = you got me
    00:45 zyrow: -rolls
    00:45 margin: -zoom 189
    00:46 wc3_elis: duuu = you
    00:49 wc3_elis: du hast = you got
    00:50 zyrow: solo ?
    00:53 bier4life: edgy :D
    00:55 Shawnstein: hm
    00:55 wc3_elis: du hast mich
    01:01 Shawnstein: hätte jetz seer gespielt = I had played with Seer now
    01:02 wc3_elis: y
    01:10 wc3_elis: -rolls
    01:11 Shawnstein: aber wenn ned crossen willst ^^ = but if you do not want to cross^^
    01:16 Shawnstein: -zoom 199
    01:17 Shawnstein: sag an = tell me
    01:21 zyrow: bau = go build
    01:22 zyrow: dude
    01:27 Shawnstein: ja wow = yes wow
    01:31 Shawnstein: -.-
    01:33 zyrow: lol solo war doch angesagt = lol solo was said
    01:38 zyrow: worauf wartest du denn ? = what are you waiting for?
    01:55 Shawnstein: du hast geschrieben solo? = you wrote solo?
    01:56 Shawnstein: -.-
    02:12 Shawnstein: und ich hab gewartet auf ne eindeutige antwort = and I waited for a clear answer
    02:24 Shawnstein: lass draw probieren = let's try to draw
    02:31 Shawnstein: !draw
    40:20 JersACK: wanna do
    40:21 JersACK: the
    40:23 JersACK: im the king of the world
    40:41 SYD.Berna: come back Jack :D
    40:51 SYD.Berna: xd
    41:17 SYD.Berna: the water is so cold
    41:34 JersACK: breath