Leave, and 1 afk ...

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  • Leave, and 1 afk ...

    1. Your Battle.Net username A!ko-
    2. Violator's Battle.Net username breezyyo (Leave) , t-s-j-b (afk at fountain)
    3. Gamename or Gamelink ghostplay.de/stats/game/2313063
    4. Rule player violated Leave and afk at fountain
    5. Time of incidents (Note in-game timer or replay timer) 17.34 and afk at end
    6. Any further thoughts First Gondar leaves without reason... and Nort says its so over and goes afk ...
    20:48 t-s-j-b: -gg
    20:49 t-s-j-b: over
    21:33 MagicalDamage: lol
    21:41 t-s-j-b: y
    21:41 t-s-j-b: lol
    21:45 t-s-j-b: so over
    Respect requires a certain amount of intelligence . . . That's where it starts . . .
  • Dear A!ko-,

    after checking the game log and replay, i give you my lil opinion. I think the leaver will get 2 days for leaving. Second reportet Player was Nortrom. He said: // 20:48 t-s-j-b: -gg //
    20:49 t-s-j-b: over // and went afk in the base while he was writing. He did grief, but the game was over like i think.

    Best Regards

    Ronny :)
  • gondar banned for 2 days for leave. Nort wont recive ban since game was alrdy over.

    Thx for report.
    How to detect if someone is maphacking with 2 simple tricks:

    ▢ Is the accused player better at the game than you're?
    ▢ Could you have done the exact 'mh move' that he did?

    If you check either of those boxes, the player is probably not using maphack.