Ban Request

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  • Ban Request


    1. Your Battle.Net username schlittengot
    2. Violator's Battle.Net username togi / kijunuri syd.butterfly babylich
    3. Gamename or Gamelink
    4. Rule player violated Afk Grief/ Refuse to kick ruiner
    5. Time of incidents (Note in-game timer or replay timer) Leave : started around min 23-24
    6. Any further thoughts -
    All because of you
    I believe in angels
    Not the kind with wings
    No, not the kind with halos
    The kind that bring you home
  • hi, Axe was obviously really bad player/clueless so i wouldnt say he was gameruining. Since he was not being a gameruiner on porpuse the enemy did not have to kick him, even thought it might been the right thing to do.

    Axe will get away with a warning this time, since the afking might have been just him shopping items / thinking what to buy.
    How to detect if someone is maphacking with 2 simple tricks:

    ▢ Is the accused player better at the game than you're?
    ▢ Could you have done the exact 'mh move' that he did?

    If you check either of those boxes, the player is probably not using maphack.