leaver / gameruiner

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  • leaver / gameruiner



    lunaticena, leaver gameruiner (sended and left before 20 = costs us the game. pls give this fucker longer ban)

    omggg, also gameruiner (told him to leave before 20)

    43:25 lunaticena: sorry
    43:48 OMGGG: if u leave be4 20 we will win this :P
    44:12 lunaticena: sorry --;
    45:39 OMGGG: y luna , you really gotta leave before 20 or we will die on 20 :P
    46:07 nature016: 20
    46:29 OMGGG: luna ?
    46:52 lunaticena: 20
    47:10 OMGGG: you are to far behind, we dont get any money for your leaks also anymore
    47:21 OMGGG: 0 bounty
    47:45 lunaticena: k
    47:48 OMGGG: ty m8
  • luna 10 days (very new)

    other dude also 10 days.. since he knew exactly what he was doing

    @DeeGital can u keep ur kiddo fights private? thanks

    PS. this is not a question, consider this my last warning. I will start to ban people for just trying to start drama in ban requests
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