Report for my whole team

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  • Report for my whole team

    Dear community-

    My ingame names: Barfly (FLY), Sexual (SeX), Se7en (Se7en)

    Violator(s): My whole team

    Gamename(s): [BK] DOTA APEM #67338

    Rule violated: Zeus took middle against hard heroes, obviously lost 1on1 vs huskar which kind of ruined it even more and then left the game. I wanted mid, I wanted to play something harder than bara / huskar, but he took it and failed while I was useless on the sidelane. At least 3 days.
    Legion was flaming the whole game. He fed, talked a lot of shit and also ruined.
    Rhasta did actually the same. Flamed a lot. Fed a lot.
    Void was out of teamfights.

    I think they all deserve 2 days, this zeus actually more than 2 days for that ruin. I did almost all kills for my team since they did really really bad vs huskar and bara, which makes it impossible to win when I am on the sidelane while our middle player left.

    Have a nice day everyone,
  • k i just edit my post so dont wonder :)

    Heya Barfly,

    First of all i gotta say, both of you were lost in the midlane, Zeus same as necro. You had most time ur solo lane on bot and you were faster in lvling. Zeus gets 2 days for leaving, but no ban for gameruin or smth like that, because no one in your team was rly a counter on bara and huskar so everyone wouldve failed there. Anyway your discussions prevented both of you in lvling (he just stood around 2 mins at the tower in the midlane, because you were talking about: Why u go mid, i said i pick hard and go mid). To the report on flaming, if someone gets banned here for flaming, you would get a ban too, because Zeus, LC and you flamed themselves i wont give here a ban. The "feeders" were more feeders because u didnt really helped them. You wasted so much time in complaning about everything in this game. Your team tried their best, but honestly you were farming top while they fought huskar in 2 v 1 (18:40) and you came to get him after both of your teammates were dead.

    So to sum it all up:

    Zeus gets Ban for leaving
    Void wont get Ban, as long what i saw (until 2 raxes were down) he was fighting with the team
    LC was your tank, so no ban for feeding also not for flaming
    Rhasta doesnt get a ban, he tried his best to help the team.


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