Kairos Lane steal

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  • Kairos Lane steal

    Dear community-

    My ingame names: Barfly (FLY), Sexual (SeX), Se7en (Se7en)

    Violator(s): Kairos

    Gamename(s): [BK] DOTA APEM #67351

    Rule violated: Maphacker - Stole midlane. He doesn't even know his hero (storm), used -tips, but doesn't see that newbies shouldn't just selfishly take the middle.

    2 days please.

    Have a nice day everyone,

  • Hey Barfly,

    8. Lane-steal
    Please consider the calls of your mates, before u go to a lane.
    The player who call mid need to have already picked a hero, otherwise the call without hero will not count.
    If a player steal a lane he get warned, can get kicked and also Banned for 2 days.

    You called before you picked your hero, so your call doesnt count. Yes, maybe Kairos was new, and he doesnt know that he may better go sidelane, but your count doesnt count if you havent picked a hero.

    No ban needed here


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