Multiple insults

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  • Multiple insults

    Hey everyone !

    My acc : ShriKe

    Violator(s) : cop.supreme (Nort), Nidzoni (Mort)

    Game :

    1/ cop.supreme :

    16:28 cop.supreme: fucknooob
    16:52 cop.supreme: what a wonder a fucking stats player shitbag
    17:05 cop.supreme: kleiner hurensohn lern das spiel
    29:58 cop.supreme: he just run away in team fights with full life this son of a bitch necro
    30:13 cop.supreme: hoffe nächstes game gegen mich du kleiner hurensohn
    31:24 cop.supreme: u fucking trashbag idiot
    31:53 cop.supreme: wieso so sprachlos kleiner hurensohn
    36:30 cop.supreme: HURENSOHN
    40:15 cop.supreme: hoffe nächstes game gegen mich kleiner hurensohn necro
    40:25 cop.supreme: dann fick ich dienen scheiß hurensohn noob account noch mehr

    2/ Nidzoni :

    26:11 NiDzoni.....88: i fuck you dead mom leoric
    36:17 NiDzoni.....88: leorick i fuck you dead mother
    36:39 NiDzoni.....88: dead mom leoric
    37:07 NiDzoni.....88: this leorick is shit retard
    38:03 NiDzoni.....88: dead mom on leoric fuck
    39:18 NiDzoni.....88: i fuck DEAD mom on leoric noob

    Also ban the leaver around 21th minute. For this case, i'd prefer that @Tufuuuor @shagrath handle it, since most of what cop.supreme said was in german, so there's more likelly some insults that i didnt noticed, since i dont understand german that well ^^