gameruine necro

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  • gameruine necro
    My account: Toomanynapheros
    his account: 3024
    i had like 300 hp and saw necro scouted a regen rune top. so i pinged him and made it clear i need it. Instead of leaving it to me, or even take it, he destryoed it just to make me go to base for heal.
    2 min before the enemy base was destroyed he tried to force me into well while i was trying to heal with aga on enemy hero.
  • You dont own runes, anyone can pick them/destroy em however they please. Maybe it would've been the nice thing to do but cant ban him for that.

    What comes to that force staff use, maybe u should've ended the game instead of fountain camping. I have heard that makes u less likely to get forced to the fountain.
    How to detect if someone is maphacking with 2 simple tricks:

    ▢ Is the accused player better at the game than you're?
    ▢ Could you have done the exact 'mh move' that he did?

    If you check either of those boxes, the player is probably not using maphack.