Ban Request

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  • Ban Request

    Hey :)…7C%7C/ => Heave insult/flame during entire game + in lobby while we waited for game to fill up

    ||||||||||||: u stupid kids
    ||||||||||||: i fuck u for fun
    ||||||||||||: i fuck ur mothers
    ||||||||||||: in the ass
    6:49 ||||||||||||: die dtupid pussy
    06:55 ||||||||||||: u suck my dirty dick
    07:11 ||||||||||||: like ur mothers
    07:17 ||||||||||||: fuckin idiots
    08:25 ||||||||||||: i rape u
    08:31 ||||||||||||: fuckin noob
    08:50 ||||||||||||: tards
    09:21 ||||||||||||: suck my big dick
    09:35 ||||||||||||: sucker
    09:38 ||||||||||||: motherfucker

    and it kept going on and on untill the end, just check gamelog.

    There's also Jokes aka Binger, who insulted a lot, just check gamelog too and decide. But i can already warn you, he'll dodge the ban anyway, as he tolded me straight ahead ;

    20:05 Jokes: ahaha
    20:09 Jokes: good luck
    20:14 Jokes: have another 20 accounts

    20:47 Jokes: got different IPs
  • Hi, this guy will get 2 day ban for heavy flame/being a cunt

    Binger gets away with a warning this time since it was not that heavy.
    How to detect if someone is maphacking with 2 simple tricks:

    ▢ Is the accused player better at the game than you're?
    ▢ Could you have done the exact 'mh move' that he did?

    If you check either of those boxes, the player is probably not using maphack.