Ban Request: Uncalled for votekick and trying to instigate people to vote yes

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  • Ban Request: Uncalled for votekick and trying to instigate people to vote yes

    My account
    The game
    The offender
    Time: Around the end of wave 7 throughout the beginning of wave 8, mainly.
    Summary: So I were initially having a so-so game, still well within reason but still a pretty decent game. Had a LoD start so I were leaking a bit on 5 and 7 iirc. Blue wanted to save lumber straight after wave 6, which I didn't agree with since I was struggling a bit and needed to recover. Both me and teal upgraded king during that wave, but he found most fault with me since I had about 20-30 leaks iirc up until then. I reacted with some sarcasm with quotation marks since I was really annoyed with him throughout most of the game though until that point I mostly ignored him. So I wasn't complete clean in that game either, not claiming to be, but as far as my interpretation of the rules goes I didn't actually break any. He started a votekick after I upgraded royal presence once after he said something along the line of "ok upgrade royal presence just do it go go" and told the other team I was trolling.
    I started playing this game less than 3 weeks ago and still managed to play nearly 200 games while working fulltime, getting a bit too addicted. Even going from a very rough start, having 4-15 in stats before figuring out the game until the point where I'm now turning it around and closing in at 65% winrate but I still haven't had the unfortune of having an unjustified votekick instigated against me. Just wanted the game to end after that, the only fun thing that happened was when he said he was going to get me banned by "talking to the octopus", which gave me some release the kraken feels.
  • Not possible to watch the replay, did you save the game? I always like to watch the replay too actually see what really happend, but i do not think we need any of that on this ban request.

    Keep in mind: Allowed Votekicks are:
    • someone clearly breaks any of our rules!
    • massive lagg (if someone keeps lagging over several rounds and would delay the game a lot)
    • afk (if someone has been afk for quite some time and not kicking him would ruin the game)
    • It is also allowed to kick a player with score below - 100. Those who dont vote will get a 2 days ban.

    So, freethebots did not break any rules. Leaking 5 and 7 as lod, is very normal for an average player. And upgrading the king is also normal to get the income for lvl 10, save around 7 i would say. All tho, gaucho.macho did start and unjustified kick and should get a 2 days ban from it. Or a warning. And the leaver, 2 days ban. fairezao said yes to the unjustified votekick. Not sure about that one, maybe give ban to that guy aswell.

    11:36 gaucho.macho: dude
    11:38 gaucho.macho: u leaking
    11:40 gaucho.macho: stop rush
    11:43 gaucho.macho: ^^
    11:50 FreeTheBots: eh
    12:01 FreeTheBots: First time seeing lord of death?
    12:07 gaucho.macho: ok
    12:08 gaucho.macho: w/e
    12:26 gaucho.macho: ty
    12:31 gaucho.macho: wanna bear?
    12:38 FreeTheBots: nope
    12:43 gaucho.macho: ty
    14:09 gaucho.macho: lets save
    14:37 gaucho.macho: no juice^~
    14:44 gaucho.macho: save
    14:45 gaucho.macho: guys
    14:46 gaucho.macho: cmon
    14:50 gaucho.macho: king about to full
    16:42 gaucho.macho: go royal
    16:49 gaucho.macho: anarchy
    16:53 FreeTheBots: What, not now
    16:54 FreeTheBots: Save
    16:57 gaucho.macho: o.0
    16:59 gaucho.macho: no
    17:00 gaucho.macho: gogog
    17:06 gaucho.macho: -.-
    17:26 taboon55: lol
    17:32 gaucho.macho: such a dick
    17:40 FreeTheBots: Says the guy
    17:45 FreeTheBots: Who can't keep his fucking mouth shut
    17:56 gaucho.macho: how old r u?
    18:08 gaucho.macho: thx
    18:22 FreeTheBots: Fucking brilliant
    18:27 FreeTheBots: You're just the legion td mastermind aren't you
    18:38 gaucho.macho: ok
    18:39 gaucho.macho: w/e
    18:42 3LKK: save10
    18:59 gaucho.macho: !votekick free

    Proof you started an unjustified votekick.

    20:29 gaucho.macho: ill talk to octopus
    20:31 gaucho.macho: hes banned
    20:35 FreeTheBots: Sure
    20:37 FreeTheBots: Do that
    20:39 gaucho.macho: and ignored
    20:43 gaucho.macho: !ignore free
    20:45 FreeTheBots: The only one who has broken any rules here is you
    21:09 3LKK: 320+400
    21:44 FreeTheBots: 6. Unjustified votekick/ refuse to votekick: If you start an unjustified !voteki
    22:14 gaucho.macho: da fk
    22:17 gaucho.macho: 40 leak
    22:19 gaucho.macho: o.0
    22:29 3LKK: 720 320+400
    24:03 gaucho.macho: gnoll warrior
    24:03 gaucho.macho: lol
    26:09 gaucho.macho: -king
    26:24 gaucho.macho: -king
    26:28 gaucho.macho: !unignore free
    26:32 gaucho.macho: ur welcome
    26:34 gaucho.macho: for carry u
    26:46 gaucho.macho: !ignore free

    I talk to octopus, he is banned? I do not think so :) Because he didn`t break any rules. Good luck tho, my opinion! Adios
    Mada Mada Dane

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