Whats your fav. Movies

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    • Whats your fav. Movies

      Hello again,

      i like to see good/gold movies.....i want share my fav. movies with you

      my Toplist:

      - The Shawshank Redemption
      - Public Enemy No.1 (both parts, but with vincent cassel - and the best france film)
      - Scarface (classic)
      - Pub Fulction
      - From Dusk Till Dawn
      - Desperado 2

      - Law Abiding Citizen
      - Die Hard 1
      - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (for me the best movie in the world :) , RIP Sergio Leone)
      ---------> just the Dollar Trilogie = wow

      - Gran Torino
      - Unforgiven
      - No Retreat, No Surrender ( classic)
      - Hard Target (with Jean-Claude van Damm, in the 90s, he was a good actor :-))
      - Terminator 2 (classic)
      - Gladiator
      - American History X
      - Rambo 1 (classic)
      - Pate 1-3 (classic)
      - Matix 1 (perfect)
      - Bud Spencer & Terence Hill Collection
      - Spawn
      - The Punisher ( @DJOVANNi good for u )
      - Saving Private Ryan
      - The Town
      - Blow (wow)
      - Savages
      - Training Day
      - Man on Fire
      - The Equalizer
      - The Magnificent Seven
      - The Salvation
      - The Negotiator
      - Standoff
      - Kill Bill
      - American Sniper
      - Departed
      - Blood Diamond
      - The Basketball Diaries
      and much much more :)

      give me some suggestions, maybe i didnt see it :D ....ty
    • If porn is accepted @Aniima and i can give a long list

      For serious, looking at your list, i see a lot of action, so maybe you should try sicario, john whick (specially if u have a dog xd) and if u dont care about scenario but only want good fights :
      -the raid (korean swat team destroying drug dealers with kung fu and guns)
      -undisputed (mma)

      My favorite movie is lock, stock and 2 smocking barrel , its british comedy and "Le diner de cons" its a french comedy ive seen 20 times but i still have to pause every min or else i choke to death xd

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    • Well.. my list does have some famous ones but also some "indie" ones that not every1 knows.. Cuz listing StarWars n stuff here is kinda useless imo!

      22 Bullets (French Movie, Action)
      Arthur (Russel Brands funniest Movie)
      Boondock Saints (Action, Comedy)
      Captain Philips (Drama)
      City Island (Comedy, pretty weird)
      District 9 (Scify, best "Alien-Movie")
      Defendor (Very smart Drama, Comedy)
      Die Welle (Best German Movie)
      Dope (Music, Comedy, Drama)
      Fracture (Anthony Hopkins, About the Perfect Kill)
      Gattaca (Action, Drama)
      Gone Girl (Action)
      Hector and the search for Happiness (Inspiring, very touching)
      Her (Future Drama, Unique Story)
      How to train your Dragon (Best Pixar)
      Into the wild (BEST STORY EVER, very touching) <--- My all time fav Movie
      Intouchables (very good story)
      Koyaanisqatsi (Unique kind of Movie) <--- prolly my second fav of all time
      Lucky # Slevin (Epic Twist)
      Memento (Epic Twist)
      Rush (Drama, Action)
      Seven Pounds (best Will Smith Movie, very good Drama)
      Seven Psychopaths (unique Comedy)
      Shutter Island (epic twist)
      Taken (not that special I just love Liam)
      The Best Offer (Art&Drama, weird unique movie)
      The Mechanic (and all the Transporter Movies, Parker, Redemtion[I just love Jason])
      The next three days (not that special I just love Liam)
      The Prestige (sick ending)
      The Wrestler (surprisingly good Drama)
      Unknown Identity (not that special I just love Liam)
      V for Vendetta (love the Idea behind the Movie)
      Ziellos (Best Swiss Movie) - Not sure if its available in english.. I think there is a german version tho..
      Der Mensch ist Gottes Werk? Dann ist der Zuhälter nur Kunsthändler! - Edgar Wasser aka. Bester Rapper der Welt
    • Titanic
      Dirty Dancing
      Step up
      Der Vorleser
      The Polar Express (for Christmas)
      27 dresses
      The Experiment
      and all that love stuff, that is running in the TV like Rosamunde Pilcher :D

      Btw @oneeyedking are you Hannibal? :D
      40:20 JersACK: wanna do
      40:21 JersACK: the
      40:23 JersACK: im the king of the world
      40:41 SYD.Berna: come back Jack :D
      40:51 SYD.Berna: xd
      41:17 SYD.Berna: the water is so cold
      41:34 JersACK: breath