Announcement Final Statement//The end of ghostplay

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    • Final Statement//The end of ghostplay

      Hello Community,
      it is now my sad job to announce you the end of ghostplay ;( . You all know that we are not able to host any longer on official realms.
      The last months we had more and more problems with blizzard and now this.
      For us it makes no sense to fight any longer, there is no good solution. We know it is sad and please believe it is not easy for us owners too.
      I don't even know how much time i spend here and worked for this community and played here.
      We all had here a really nice time - we will never forget.
      We like to say thanks for all people who supported us: Thanks for every donation, post, thread, participation,...
      Thanks to all Roots we had in the past and we have at the moment and thanks to every admin we had/have. You all did a great job here and you are all amazing people.
      We are happy that we met you.
      And of course a big thanks also to playman. Without him ghostplay would not have even exist. I wrote with him the last days and he told me that he already thought that blizzard will kill us and he has nothing against our decision.

      At the moment it looks like the website will be online till 27.12.2018. Maybe use the time to connect with your friends here if you like to keep the contact. Please stop to spam us about fake realms and this stuff. Our decision is final

      We hope you enjoyed your time here at ghostplay and that you have good memories if you think about it in some years. We wish you all the best for your future.

      Your Ownerteam
    • Dear Community,

      at first i want to say thank you to all . Since over 1 year im the Owner of BK and must say that i didnt realize how much work and time i needed as Owner.
      It was a nice experience for me and it made fun :).
      I had so many suggestions/ideas for 2019 with BK (custom skins , new shop , new bot features). isnt nice what i have to do now .
      Blizzard now killed our bots , so the future of BK will be that we shutting down our services.
      i will to say thank you to @timpson at first. last year he came to me and told me that BK need new owners, cause Reallovebvb and Playman dont want anymore.
      I told him that im a IT noob and dont know what i have to do and how . so he told me/ teached me things that i dont know before . He was still my "right hand" until the last hour here . He fixed some issues that i dont know how or he told me how i have to fix it. SO thank you @timpson, for your hard work here and your time that you have to spend for issues. i wish you all the best of this world.
      The next people is @Sariyenne, at first only working month on the LTD map, but at least my owner partner for BK. Without her, BK would be shutting down last year.
      Yes i know she was a bit busy the last month, but over some other communications program we had contact . so thank you too, for your hard work

      I will still miss my Dramaqueen Hvsa section. we had many funny situations together.
      I will still miss all you guys/girls. without BK, my live will change hard. :)

      i hope we will see us

      My role as BK owner ends now , i wish you all the best

      So Long BuuFuu
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    • Well, thank you for all the time and effort you spend for this community, you but also all your admins/moderators fellows.

      Too bad that one fully realizes the chance we had when it goes away !

      Blizzard will now be synonymous of Evil.
      Making money is one understandable thing, despising people is another, unforgivable for me.

      Personally, i have uninstalled and i dont think i'll ever install back.
      End of the routine, time to face reality again:)

      So, to all LTD noobs still around, ciao, and see you in another world.

      GL & HF.
    • Sari, Bufuu thank u for all.
      honestly i expect an another decision but nvm not changeable.
      Blizzard fucked up and we all have to life with it.

      But maybe its realizeable that u keep this forum alive for 1 more month.
      Bcz the Community have more time to create other communites, finding alternatives and connect with all.
      in my opinion 23 days is a bit to short.

      But what ever thanks again i will miss it to come online and crush some stacks ;(
    • The current state of bnet shows that while the bots aren't great they were still a hell of a lot better than bnet without them. Blizzard can't replace them just by allowing everyone to host and adding a kick function, The ban lists on the bots that were their for a reason are now all gone. yea bans were easy to dodge but they still seemed to stop people impulsively leaving every single game like they do now. The communities around the bots will also start to break down ;( .

      the bots helped bnet thrive by helping to police bnet by dealing all all the trollers ruiners and leavers that would eventually drive people away due to games being unplayable and they also hosted legit versions of the maps which is also a big issue now. Blizzard certainly aren't going to put the effort into helping custom games when they can't even deal with the ruiners in there ladder games.

      Reforged will bring in a lot of new people, but if blizzard does nothing they won't stay around long.


      Thank you BK owners for spending your time, effort and money on this bot and for building this community it is generally a nice place to be and for fixing all the past issues you've had with bnet to keep the bot going.

      thanks to all the admins and root admins (current and past) for giving up their free time to quickly complete the ban requests and appeals for the community who only seem to flame you for it in return…dmin-abuse-everywhere.jpg

      thanks to the people who have worked on improving the games that the
      community plays and remember this comic when you realise a new version and people QQ about the map :P

      & Good luck in what you decide to do in the future everyone hopefully we'll find a new chapter in life and look back fondly on this chapter :thumbup:
      Everything that went badly is your fault, because otherwise it's my fault and I refuse to accept that.

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      Common noob mistakes in pubs

    • All good things must come to an end, its a shame since we only just got our new dota map running.

      If you are interested you can add me on steam here (i mostly play pubg there maybe dota 2 who knows)
      How to detect if someone is maphacking with 2 simple tricks:

      ▢ Is the accused player better at the game than you're?
      ▢ Could you have done the exact 'mh move' that he did?

      If you check either of those boxes, the player is probably not using maphack.
    • Hello community,

      First of all I am very sad to see that it is the end of the forum but also of warcraft. I still congratulate the administrators of the forum you have done a lot of work. Thanks also to Buufuu for taking the recovery for the map HvsA! Although I know that I am the most hated player hvsa, I still had a great time on Horde vs Alliance. Thank you for all the banns I do not blame you <3 I know that I have not often respected the rules of the game, that I insulted a lot and I'm sorry I admit I'm a very bad player, Basically I'm not mean and I'm sure I'll miss some: D I find it a shame because I spoke with Leo who was working on a new map HvsA with new skins, it was a great initiative and I think the community needed it. But Blizzard decided otherwise ...
      A page turns I will never forget all those good times past, those moments of rage and insults. After seven years it's time to move on.
      I wish you all the best, and I am sure we will meet again later! On Warcraft 4 I hope so.
      Sorry for my english who is bad.