Who want play Stronghold in Wc3

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    • Who want play Stronghold in Wc3


      Hey again, dear guys & girls

      Me and some of mine friends now playing Stronghold in Wc3 is known good old game :)
      Its something like line tower wars, but there you taking care on your castle.

      Would be nice, if people from BK could play with us, and making Wc3 still great, after Blizzard fucked it up.

      There is still no over for us.
      Lets join with me, and mine friends.
      We want, to make future in Stronghold, make some tournaments, and the others. We will make clan.

      I will write it there later :)

      @SYD.Berna @RollstuhlRonny @Tufuuu and old players from there too.

      Who would like to join us, write your account there.