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  • Iovol -

    This guy banning people without good reasons. If you dont like someone, just write a ban request and say he did something wrong. he will get banned even if he playing very nice and fair. ;)

  • TrN.Shadowwheel -

    hello konku thank you for banning him can i ask how long you banned him for?

  • Trofim -

    Can you help me?
    i wanted to play LEGION TD MEGA and received this message:
    "Sorry, you are currently banned.
    Username: 3rd_harmonic
    Admin: shagrath
    Reason: acc protec (stolen acc)
    But my name is Trofim. I think i am the wrong person and now i cant play anymore.


  • Firez -

    Hi mate, I sent a ban request a week or 2 ago and the admin stated that I did not have the right format. Well, I had the right onw and the person is still not banned. Could you look into it or contact Krullbull to re-visit his decision???

  • Firez -

    Hi mate, I sent a ban request a week or 2 ago and the admin stated that I did not have the right format. Well, I had the right onw and the person is still not banned. Could you look into it or contact Krullbull to re-visit his decision???

  • Kolstrup -

    Hello Konku, u banned me for calling someone a nazi and the ban reason is anti-semitic flame. This is not true. It is not anti-semitic to call someone a nazi. It is the opposite of it. Could u please change this very soon? What u are doing is stigmatization with no reason.
    My profile is: ghostplay.de/stats/player/1/kolstrup/uswest.battle.net/1

    • Konku -

      No unban, watch your language next time.

    • Kolstrup -

      I dont want a unban. please only change the reason for the ban.

    • Konku -

      Maybe for you its not anti-semitic, but for me it is. You need to look after yourself when you start typing this kind of stuff.

    • Kolstrup -

      First of all u dont have a prove like a screenshot. Second, when i call someone a nazi i´m not antisemtic, A nazi is antisemtic, not a person who calls another person antisemtic.

    • Kolstrup -

      Please only change the reason and i will not write anything like a flame anymore.

  • So_Do_Mi -

    hello my friend u ban me for leave last game, i don't leave and we won. but on of my teamate leave before and you ban him, and the last teamate make too much servant, i think u ban him too, but me i stay in the game and i craft only 52 servant can u unban me plz.

  • Dallerbaby -

    Hi Konku, you banned me for Servant abuse. I didn´t know that it was against the rules since it is part of the game. I offered the person who reported me to sell the ones too many I build, and I never added more after he told me the rules. so I ask of you to please unban me.
    Gamename: [BK] LEGION TD HELL x10 #1251
    Account: dallerbaby
    Date: Date: 2018-09-17 16:25:14

  • DrPhil -

    real bullshit game that was!
    Bio lagged the hole time. i couldnt even build properly because of the constant lag. Bio didn't respond the hole game, you didn't kick him. And after one of my teammates getting mad at him and you, you banned him. Without the history your ban would have been ok, but in this context...... Even after 20 you didn't draw the game.... i'm glad it ended soon after 20.
    i think that was not a proper way to act like an admin, my friend. just wanted to say that, so it's ok for now^^
    hope to see you soon and have some better games in future

    • Konku -

      I voted to draw, but you dont even know how many players got this problem.

      Its not his foult or any other player, its because of latest 1.30 patch. They got good pc and internet, but because of gpu or cpu. DOnt even know, as well map developer team working to fix it.

      Problem in wc3, not in person pc.

  • Lacros -

    Hey Konku. Can u unban me please in Bk Horde vs Alliance. Account is SVARC- im leave and got a ban. sry for it im never leave a game again. im so sorry.

  • onepieceownz -

    Hi Konku, could you please unban me? Account is onepieceownz. I left because the game ended.

    Thank you

    • Konku -

      Game was not ended.

    • onepieceownz -

      I apologize, I truly thought it ended because there were sufficient leaks to end the game. I promise I will not leave the game before the king loses total health. Sorry again.

  • osg1996 -

    Hello Konku, it would be nice if you unbanned me, my account name is RoadToNr1-.
    I will learn.

    • Konku -

      Unbanned, stop leaving or bot will auto-ban you again :) Good luck in games !

    • osg1996 -

      Hello Konku,

      the account name is RoadToNr1-
      That account is not unbanned
      Without a point at the end of the account name.
      You may have put a point at the end of the name.


    • Konku -

      Yes, next time fill form in ban appeal thread.

  • Arries -

    Watermelon or Strawberries i can recommend