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  • JAs666 -

    chcialzm sie dowiedziec jak sie zapisac na turniej bk legion td ??!

  • Verbal Kint -

    U can keep liking my post that doesnt change anything. If u wont stop this. U will go out for few time. Same as netty.
    And stop say im bs admin or i give u here screen of u one month earlier when u told me that im the best.
    I repeat again, when i reported u as normal player, u were on fake, i didnt knew it was u maphacking, it was not hunt. U were undercover wtf! I reported a guy not Otis. ! They ban u, not my fault. Stop rage now.

    • MakeUReal. -

      It was not a fuckin MH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      And it's true, u was best admin, but u did not believe me when i was saying I have no maphack. If I will have it, will tell u first trust me. But I don't think this will ever happen

    • xHellxkhalid10 -

      Otis. this admin he was mh too, and who knows he mh now or not ? so why he speak about mh, and u don't need to explane him if u mh or not

  • SheepeY -

    Chill otis :)

  • Jersack -

    LMAO i love your pic, stay like that

  • SYD.Teddy -

    What a finger

  • iluv2kill -

    hi otis do bk bot work on realm or i should change the my server ? to join the majesty bk bot

  • SYD.Teddy -

    U have lenovo notebook? :D

  • iluv2kill -

    hi otis again in the game a guy who i think it was admin thearen me he would ban me for nothing he steal my item and after the game i saw that he has banned me i maybe say sth it wasnt poliet but the thing is it not right some guys do anything they want without punishment and they can easly banned u plz concider my req and un banned me my id is Saeed and ban reason is the 1 reason i would defenitly send u the reply in forward thx again

  • TheDarkShark -

    u forgot the follow on me :( </3