shagrath Root Admin (DotA)

  • Male
  • 25
  • from Germany
  • Member since Sep 2nd 2016

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  • Shell32 -

    hey shagrath you played counter strike?

  • Raincaller -

    Warcraft 3 Account: Raincaller
    Who banned you?: No idea
    Why are you banned: i desynced 2 times when game starts O_o
    Why you should be unbanned: Cause i am not a leaver by purpose or cheater and i love play Dota every day !

    plz help me !

  • jazzitup -

    can u unban plz
    Warcraft 3 Account: jazzitup
    Who banned you?: autoban
    Why are you banned: left at 13/73
    Why you should be unbanned: My connection dropped that was yesterday plz unban I rarely drop regardless of scores and if ever drop its due to connection interruptions which is rare

  • Shell32 -

    hi guys please help uninstall chinense kingsoft internet security

  • Trofim -

    Can you help me?
    i wanted to play LEGION TD MEGA and received this message:
    "Sorry, you are currently banned.
    Username: 3rd_harmonic
    Admin: shagrath
    Reason: acc protec (stolen acc)
    But my name is Trofim. I think i am the wrong person and now i cant play anymore.

  • Nikolasik16 -

    Hi broo i get ban from you when i play dota and left but i need left because i have biggest lags in my computer so can i get unban from u? (Nikolasik16)

  • Sprudelbrause -

    Hi, sry i´,m new here and made my acc, because i was banned from you. I dont know why and where is the thread that anyone wants my ban?
    I´m looking forward to your unban :D

  • Super)(Skank -

    im from northend Europe

  • Super)(Skank -

    hey sorry to bother can u try to unban me again I tink something went wrong. u said I was unbanned but im still banned account name is Super)(Skank

  • AX.TeddyMyLove -

    Great profile picture shagy :)

  • Simba23 -

    yooo shag, bro Its not letting me join bk hvsa and idk what to do....
    im asking other people and no reply can you help me out please?

  • HumbaKuLaLa -

    yeah that ip switch to syria is strange, i dont know why, I am using gproxy to reconnect, that is the only thing that comes to mind.

  • Sairamganesh -

    helllo shagrath i am still banned you replied yesterday that i am unbanned. can you please check .

  • Fedukas -

    Hey dude, maybe you can unbaned me on Legion td mega?

  • SYD.Teddy -

    Congratz to your Root! DESERVED! :)

  • Luckisnotall -

    mir will irgendwie keiner helfen ich hab eeben ein acc mit den namen :.. also die punkte erstellt und den will ich jetz auch spielen aber bevor ich ein game spieln konnte bannt mich dieser scheiss admin mpc32 mit der Begründung Change Name ........das kann doch wohl nur ein witzt sein? seit wan wird man gebannt wen man ein neuen Name macht ????? wen der vorherige Name kein ban hatt ??? ich bitte um unban meines anderen acc und auch das mpc32 seine admin rechte endlich verliert er bannt nie irgendjemand zu recht ....

  • Luckisnotall -

    kannst du mir helfen ...

  • SYD.Teddy -

    Congratz to your admin! Take care of hunters! :D