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  • Megapixar -

    hey! pls go
    1. megapixar
    2. boxer shameless.
    3. [BK] HORDE VS ALLIANCE #5440
    4. boxer leave no die/ shameless. leave aura
    5. 1:06/ 28:34
    6. PLSBAN
    18 hours ago....

  • JesusIsGod -

    hello again, i need you to review another game concerning my ban request on RAICHU[HOTA].we played abot 3 games that night, and he started HARRASSING ME and continued with his insults all 3 games here is another game where he specifically mentions that he CAN ban, which i have heard a rumor you are his friend???[BK] HORDE VS ALLIANCE #5225

    • Secretits -

      Again, he didnt insult family, wasnt racist, didnt flame constantly, also you must poost a ban request if you want someone to be reviewed and banned, if you think i dont ban him because he is my friend go post this on some others admin wall...

  • JesusIsGod -

    hi this is JesusisGod, you wrote on my ban request that i didn't put a game name? it says horde vs alliance. so i dont understand?

  • Jersack -

    Hi , can you unban me pls so i can play some game tonight , sry about the behavior

  • DeWitt1904 -

    Hello can you unbann me dewitt1904 reason left 3 from 5 games i want play warcraft 3 BK Element TD

  • husar.marius -

    want to apologize ,it's my fault I got out of the game.,because I have babies and I have to go to him as he wakes up, mistakenly that I gave repick, but I was afc, everyone was lvl 10 -15 my babies wakes up...

  • mikew -

    Can you help?

  • novowillian -

    amigo gostaria que voce tirasse meu ban pois nao sou um jagador disso gosoto de jogar serio e jogo desde 1998 alem de comprar o jogo amigo midnight esse passou a voce por palhacada isso pois nao saio de nenhum jogo mesmo que perdo
    oque aconteceu foi que meu computador acabou travando durante o carregamento do jogo obrigado

  • Ben[HotA] -


  • david -

    hello, my account is NCS [POP], I was banned for no reason, could you help me please?

    • Secretits -

      You were banned by admin DJOVANNI make a thread in ban appeals for horde vs alliance follow the appeal format and wait for respond from admin who banned you :)

  • NotMe -

    El Karlos Dos Santos

  • buch95 -


  • Jersack -

    Big Brother is watching you