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  • m00nlight -

    yo man i need help banning someone. please get back to me

    • BuuFuu -

      okay who ?

    • m00nlight -

      his name is " micmrealestate" he has ruin every game that he has been in for the last week. constant flaming. and farms jungle all game. if you ask him to help he tries to kick u and flames. he will say "lets gank" then when u go in he runs b full hp. he has done it multiple times. then laughs and calls you a noob. he also has stolen items from power circles and put in couriers then flys the couriers behind fountain.

    • m00nlight -

      correction. MICM.RealEstate

    • BuuFuu -

      Make a ban request on forum

    • m00nlight -

      i dont know how. every time i try i cant. partially retarded -_-

  • TeddyMasterBVB -

    Best hero line wars :D I carry all im best :S :D

  • 1337gamer -


  • chris1 -

    what's up dude! :)