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  • mateo -

    Hi, my account has been banned, I do not know why you could help me please Id:NCS[POP]

  • Kreidy69 -

    hey there, i got a ban and i dont know how i can komment under it.... but i got like 20 screenshots that the game was bugged from beginning and we wantet to draw it but they dont do it, and they never called us stop production...., what we gonna do now, if u wonna see the screenshot i can post it, just tell me where, they shoud get banned for that report! i played maybe like 500 games on u and never used a bug!

  • MaMa -


  • EL_ANAL_XD -

    hi BuuFuu, I just wanted to know, how do I get my 6000 coins, since I just donated 10 euros, thanks.

  • Demonkiller_2 -

    Buufuu remove increase income or reduce gold to 50 per creep . That item it too op and it always ruins the game .

  • Akmal[HotA] -

    Hey, BuuFuu, thx for everything u did. I just find a bug. Some vers said it fix.
    Ghost still can heal enemys - not ban situation i use it at the time of losing x3 duel, so its just was a test. Two x3 and twice it work.
    Proof: ghostplay.de/stats/game/2142987
    Idk if someone said u already but i think its big problem if some player will try to ruin game with this way.
    Thx for reading. Wish u all good. Sorry for bad english:)

  • Obstverkaeufer -

    hey u like unban me pls? ur autoban hit me by mistake

  • RSK.Player -

    hi buufuu,kill bug pretty common problem,[bk] horde vs alliance #32 stay stat 0/2/3 ,but real stat was 11or12/2/3.

  • PoorPaddy -

    Hey BuuFuu, I just want to say thank you for all you do here for us at Ghostplay. This is easily my favorite place to play Legion TD, as well as a great community. Keep up the great work!

  • SYD.Berna -

    Hey Buu, merry christmas also to you :)
    Best regards, Berna

  • 1337gamer -

    Take my money Buu Merry xmas :) and thy for all ur support

    • BuuFuu -

      Hey 1337games thanks for your donation. I wish you too merry christmas with your family :)

  • RSK.Player -

    hi buufuu ,i use color name ,but not see it.what need do?

  • sfo -

    Hi there BuuFuu, sup man?

  • darkzeukoi -

    por que no me salen las partidas de hvsa ??

  • SYD.Teddy -

    Buufii, i like your ideas really! U have my respect, because this tournament what u organize is perfect! I´m really happy, we got you :P
    Good luck mate ;)

  • alfredasjuska -

    hello mine friend. wanted to tell you that bk legion td 1x1 bot is bugged again.and i cant join the game.fix it when you can,thank you and wish you to have good day.bye

  • Inyourass -

    hey sorry to accaparate you but can you check my post?

  • Katsumoto_07 -

    jo hast du schon ein teammate?

  • hamudi -

    buufuu you can tell me pls how i can debann at herolane wars bk

  • m00nlight -

    yo man i need help banning someone. please get back to me

    • BuuFuu -

      okay who ?

    • m00nlight -

      his name is " micmrealestate" he has ruin every game that he has been in for the last week. constant flaming. and farms jungle all game. if you ask him to help he tries to kick u and flames. he will say "lets gank" then when u go in he runs b full hp. he has done it multiple times. then laughs and calls you a noob. he also has stolen items from power circles and put in couriers then flys the couriers behind fountain.

    • m00nlight -

      correction. MICM.RealEstate

    • BuuFuu -

      Make a ban request on forum

    • m00nlight -

      i dont know how. every time i try i cant. partially retarded -_-

  • TeddyMasterBVB -

    Best hero line wars :D I carry all im best :S :D

  • 1337gamer -


  • chris1 -

    what's up dude! :)