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  • steal_xp -


  • steal_xp -

    your stupid beginner, I'm going to keep playing, I already said I have to create an account every day, you fucking trash, you learn to play for years and you do not learn

  • Archimonde -

    djovanni you can check my stay% in game my account is ihave0friends, War'lock. then you can compare it to gully0121 the account you banned you see the difference

  • wickhed97 -


  • The4thEspada -

    im getting tired being banned for bullshit reasons

  • The4thEspada -

    Hey seriously why no response

  • mikew -

    How come no response? So unfair I can play a couple times a month. Unreal

  • mikew -

    I even congratulated the opposing team in a very well played team game, I don’t understand how I show support and class and get banned?

  • mikew -

    Please unban me. We had 0-9 player and I was getting killed I could not even leave the base. I love this game I do not think I deserved this ban. What gives?

    Please help

    HvsA stfub()itch

  • Ciufulici86 -

    so tell me what to do when a game is buged by a leaver stucked by somme that wont -votefix and somme ppl that go afk.

  • SYD.Berna -

    So much hate on your wall :/ - I wanted to thank you for your help in showing me hvsa :)

    I think, you do a great job.

    Best regards, Berna

    • DJOVANNi -

      well i am the only admin with most abuse but never lost admin isnt that weird :D thank you ah i didnt really do much you did it yourself i just show you basic thats it your doing great

    • SYD.Berna -

      I think, you did not top egs with his admin abuses yet :D

    • Shiranui -

      ASK BERNA!!! DJ has not created a full rebellion yet :P

    • SYD.Berna -

      Goddamn Ronaldo and Kael :D

  • The4thEspada -

    Hey on the last game [BK] HORDE vs ALLIANCE #5870 i had an emergency that i HAD to attend to. Apologies for not letting my team i was going to be AFK but time was of the utmost essence. Please allow this to be a freebie and unban me.

  • Coldest -

    “a warning ban this time” Tell me please, when I will get unban? Thx for answer.

  • iroh111 -

    i see so much time when u leave . and u are so gay . retard . bann u mum curwa

  • iroh111 -

    and u looks like gay . phahahaa

  • iroh111 -

    stop banned me .i m leave becouse game allready crushed . and i m not first whu live this f game . u banned me 3 time . stop this shit

  • Poweredloss -

    i had written a big post on your wall, but i deleted it, cuz talking to you is pointles.. i hope u did yourself on my ban. noob

  • Megapixar -

    why ban? jo proudly went to death (0-7), and then stood on the base and did not help, that's why we kicked him! in the end, then did not kick him, he played to the end, so I did not break anything, make a donkey!

  • Gola_pl -

    Hi, I have one question
    Are you able to somehow help me? After pressing bn in wr3 the update is done after that the window pops up and I start the game again when I start the error message popping up while updating the file. and by that something can not play in hvsa

  • Aretros -

    Hello. Iam writing to you because my ban. Today i was play Horde vs alliance on at BK Server... Now iam banned ! Reason : leaver . Admin : djovanni (you).
    gamename : BK Horde vs Alliance #39 . I wasnt leave the match. My pc was restarted because of windows update. So.. please... can u unban me? I want to play again on BK servers. Thanks for your time and... sorry.. my english isnt very good :) Bye

  • Darkface -

    Hey mate I wrote a ban appel so I know was not good... What I madet so PLZ unban me. I do never again thx for all

  • MntSwagg3r -

    hey man we drawed last game [BK] HORDE VS ALLIANCE #706 and now its said im banned what the hell did I do this time. I didn't leave we voted to draw

  • Fuhkboy -

    No reason for ban. Unban me thanks. Also you don’t need to ban everyone

  • XLibraX -

    i just logged into warcraft and found i was banned from HVSA for
    votekick player for feed and he did not feed on purpose
    i did not remember doing that in the last 5 days or so
    and i am pretty sure it is a nickname mistake

    and, in case i did votekick, why no warn before ban please

    can u kindly review that and unban me please
    Thank You in advance

  • Komrad11 -

    Hey I would like to appeal my ban please, i was banned for leaving. Sorry I was wrong but my fam was in the middle of something and was yelling for my help and I didn't want to stay afk. I play all the time and I never leave. So please consider unbanning me.

  • david -

    hello, buddy why did you banned me? id: NCS [POP]

  • david -

    hello, buddy why did you banned me? id: NCS [POP]

  • LeiaOrgonaS -

    hey I did ban appeal please remove for me thank you ^_~

  • Artemisia_CZ -

    I want to ask, How long will this ban take?

  • Megapixar -

    Djovanni buddy take off the ban with me)) pls))