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  • MntSwagg3r -

    hey man we drawed last game [BK] HORDE VS ALLIANCE #706 and now its said im banned what the hell did I do this time. I didn't leave we voted to draw

  • Fuhkboy -

    No reason for ban. Unban me thanks. Also you don’t need to ban everyone

  • XLibraX -

    i just logged into warcraft and found i was banned from HVSA for
    votekick player for feed and he did not feed on purpose
    i did not remember doing that in the last 5 days or so
    and i am pretty sure it is a nickname mistake

    and, in case i did votekick, why no warn before ban please

    can u kindly review that and unban me please
    Thank You in advance

  • Komrad11 -

    Hey I would like to appeal my ban please, i was banned for leaving. Sorry I was wrong but my fam was in the middle of something and was yelling for my help and I didn't want to stay afk. I play all the time and I never leave. So please consider unbanning me.

  • david -

    hello, buddy why did you banned me? id: NCS [POP]

  • david -

    hello, buddy why did you banned me? id: NCS [POP]

  • LeiaOrgonaS -

    hey I did ban appeal please remove for me thank you ^_~

  • Artemisia_CZ -

    I want to ask, How long will this ban take?

  • Megapixar -

    Djovanni buddy take off the ban with me)) pls))

  • Megapixar -

    blunt jersack spends his time that they would give me a bath, I can see him as a child and now he's offended by everything and he tries to assert himself at my own expense.

  • Megapixar -

    cool give a ban for something that was not ..... look repeat !!!!!! damn why administrators give a ban just like that! Repeat look, no one killed me!

  • Megapixar -

    look repeat, there's a game over seconds !! he lied to you writing! Take off the ban, especially since I was not in vain sick for Sweden with South Korea!

  • Megapixar -

    why do you believe this bastard! he specifically wrote to me! look repeat the match! they took us to the castle left 50 health, and I went out, and no one attacked me, I was standing on the base, and in 3 seconds if you look at the replay, they demolished the base! why ban me? give him a bath, he tired of writing me, he rarely wins me here and writes specifically for me !!

  • Redscar -

    dear admin, you like to ban for bugs. here's the game [BK] HORDE VS ALLIANCE # 8011. purple killed me in a duel when a bug appeared. I pressed a pause for voting, he pressed it and killed it. I'm waiting for the ban. Thank you. and he also went out at 5 to 5.

  • Redscar -


  • Crixus -

    Bum.....send me link of the game I left as aura.... get a life and stop banning people for small dumb shit

  • remi -

    your body my dog , i think i love you finnaly can we be maried ? :D

  • Sairamganesh -

    could you unban me please?

  • Murse -

    how long more is it?

  • Murse -

    my ban

  • Murse -

    djovanni, can u finish ban?

  • PariAn -

    hey son of a bitch who gives a fuck about u
    stop close the threads when they are not for u bitch

    make me mad and i will find u in sweeden ur bitch
    din lille luder unge ikke glem at danmark og sverige er nabolande og vi vandre frem og tilbage hele tiden din lille luder unge

  • Megapixar -

    Hello! Why have I been banned? See the replay, it's not I who did it! Why did you believe the words of the Gers? He's mad at me because he almost always loses to me, so he wrote to me !!!! In that game, I generally stayed alone and did not leave the game until the end! Take out the ban, do not believe that you wrote this "......." !!!!!

  • drunkenmaster -

    Hello Djovanni, thank you for your fast anwser but I am still banned, can you fix it? Thanks

  • Redscar -

    Mr. djovanni before banning according to words, learn to understand what my hero killed during the bug, so he himself is to blame for the fact that provoked, specifically wanted to use twice the magic, I did not touch the hero he touched himself.
    And if ban then gruntman_noob has gone before the start of the duel. Children learn to understand, but do not know how to go correct bugs.

  • keno121-121 -

    noob why did u ban me

  • Tomoyaq -

    Is it really a reason to ban people for playing for fun? i didnt leave, i didnt troll or did something bad for the team...
    Just because I did not let me dictate what I should do i have been banned?!

  • AdminsSuxHard -

    u stupid fagot, put on a t-shirt

  • OleGaToR -

    thank you, I really do not specially creeps themselves blocked line

  • martos -

    gio.. unbanme pls, do that for take a rune... bro