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    hey man.. sry i left in duel .. its not my fault i swear ! the electricity went off in the whole ally plz dont ban me if u are gonna do and plz unban me if u did ban me
    i swear i had nth to do with it ... i was gonna win the duel man ! ... why should i probably leave on purpos if iam gonna win !?
    and again sry for the game

  • HvsA_ELO -

    not fair aswell but idc, i dont play for few days as well, not fair cause after i said ill no aura red say he will and then leave, for time of leaving ive got ring already:)…Leavers-and-gamer-ruiner/

  • OleGaToR -

    меня забанили за то что меня обокрали я покинул игру за этого

  • RSK.Player -

    djovanni?u not banned sanji?