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  • ace_thunder -

    hey, can you please unban sskkaaaddoosshh? me and him are on the same IP address and share a laptop so the ban affects me and I cant play any BK games

  • treece -


    can you unban me please? my brother and i share a account and he fucked up. today i dont have to work and i would like to spend the thay playin hvsa​ :)

  • treece -


  • VuLf -

    I will ask u to loose admin bcz u abused it several times.U banned me for rage quit.even I dropped out bczi have conectibvity issues hole day.But u didnt ban me for that.U were angry bcz yesterday i pikced nort agaisnt you and u lost 40 elo in 2 games.I dont really care for your elo and u cannot abuse admin bcz of that.U DONT DESERVE TO BE ADMIN HERE.U are bad person and u have 0 respect from me as I said it before in game when we all go random and u repicked into nort in last seconds.AND STILL IF i didnt dropped we had chanses to win that game.I WILL AS FOR ADMIN ABUSE BCZU CLEARRLY ABUSED.0 REPSECT FOR U.

    • VtecOriginal -

      First of all : calm down.
      Second : im doing my job well
      third : i dont care about elo, or who picks what
      fourth : i never cared about pickin nort :D. if i complain about heropicks, then its lc slark bara geo and such stuff
      fifth: uve been banned for ragequit after u been raped top lane and disconnected after the fourth death or smth like that. so its been a kinda obvious move.
      sixth: so whats the fuckin matter?


    • VuLf -

      why did u delete my answer to your text written above?

    • VtecOriginal -

      Cause i dont want to see those lies on my wall.

  • SYD.Berna -

    Sorry that I lagged out yesterday, I think my router resetted there and my gproxy does not work properly anymore :(