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  • Gerad86 -

    Hello EnvY, i got banned by you yesterday and i try to make an appeal for unban because i dont know why i got banned but i dont receive email for activation my account. If i did wrong i want to apologise but please take a look about the issue:
    Username: gerad86
    Admin: envy_us
    Gamename: [BK] LEGION TD HELL x10 #23757
    sincerely gerad86

    • EnvY_US -

      Hello, you were banned for game ruin, as your leaving the game was direct cause of your team losing,

    • Gerad86 -

      Oh shit i am now gonna be banned forever? i think it was a ragequit in a desperate situation which i regret

    • EnvY_US -

      your ban was for a total of 5 days, however you can appeal it or wait the remaining 3 days and 20 hours.

  • lil_melatten -

    Hi envy. Will he get banned?