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, Reading thread Ghostdota again?
  • TheDarkShark -

    Lmao Germany wons again oO

    Tomorrow Final vs Russia, u think we have a Chance?

    • AX.TeddyMyLove -

      Can't believe -_- :D
      Russia wins, 5:1 because they will want gold medail for Russian Federation. But good luck to Germany! :)

  • TheDarkShark -

    Yeah Germany won, we now in the semi final vs Kanada!

    Wheres Slovakia? ^^

    • AX.TeddyMyLove -

      Nah Slovakia were bad... I said... Germany is good this year, even in their group they played bad but they are now in semi final. I hope, we will see final Czech - Germany :)

  • TheDarkShark -

    Eisbären Berlin? xD

    One Time i was there in Berlin, when they had to play vs Straubing Tigers in the pre Playoffs last Year. ^^
    Great Atmosphere they have.

  • alinushdmx -

    somebody pls tell me how to find that gamelink

  • SYD.Berna -

    Tedster, don't be sad, that your mod-appeal got declined.

    Have a merry christmas and a great evening - you know, that you will remain my teddy :)

    Best regards, Berna

    • AX.TeddyMyLove -

      Well yes Berny, i will always help our this nice community.

      Have a Merry Christnas too Berna, and have a great evening with your family. My lovelly Berna. :)

  • TheDarkShark -

    Teddy! BVB is gone, so we have to take over command.