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  • krullbull -

    so the dead rabbit is back

  • zeustv -

    Noob :D

  • DeadlessMani -

    Hey! is there any issues with your bot on Europe server? Cant connect to any of the games...

  • Jackhund -

    Hello. I was banned by Bard for being AFK. I just came back to WC3 not long ago, already had over 50 games on your servers, i never leav unless i can say 100% the wave will kill us, and i premade with friends and told them about your site, so i am SO SAD, that i got banned for AFK.... I have no excuse other than the truth, a streamer started shit talking me live, and a huge dicussion appeared, so i forgot the game and got a kick when i looked back. Wont happen again.... Please unban me (Jackhund)

  • hunter.god -

    how can i update for lasr patch long time i didnt open wc3 and all acc :-

  • tobirama -

    i was banned because the pc hung up how to take the ba?

  • Crystal21 -

    Hi! sorry for my bad english ^^ You banned me in game HLW # 6099 but nino 808 have ban me yet and he unban me yesterday.... I'm so sorry but doctor coming in this time and i do leave this game :( Can you unban me too today please? Thank you :)

    • nino808 -

      Rabbit, any reason why you ban him again after I solved his Ban request and unbanned him?

    • RaBBit. -

      i dont remember this ban.... when i banned him, i wrote it at the thead.
      if i didnt wrote anything then i didnt banned him

  • StrangersMN -

    Hey man, im new here so im just posting this here for you. Theres a new version for Hero of the empire (1.22D) and i hoped your bot could host the new one ASAP

  • AdminsSuxHard -

    Hi dude, u banned blue for left game after 90min ! Blue left game after 90min + he ask team for left game ! Maybe u remove the ban ?

  • I_am_xpro -

    bro please unban me i will not do again...trust me

  • iluv2kill -

    hi i can not find bk bot any more when i want to join form custom game to play hvsa plz help me what should i do ? thx in advance for ur help...

  • GOOOB -

    For your info Rabbit, i have posted the thread on Dota section , but "someone", probably ETIENNE, moved it into admin abuse for no reason, hé did it once already.

    Bvb resumed it all After his answer but Étienne wanted to create more drama.
    As you can see, Bvb disagree about the votekick, same for Micha. Instead of admiting he was wrong, for his défense Étienne has nothing more to find to attack on my personnal life hahahha. How pathetic hé is. . Just another haTer.
    No comment on Teddy, this Guy Is a clown.

  • milten -

    Thanks for your effort.

    • Verbal Kint -

      Yeah milten thanks you too for ur effort and attitude as aura who clearly give up after some troubles ingame by plugg cable.
      Hopefully darkshark had 26k gold for buy a drum or we losed it fast. My last game with u for sure. We won it for u after 90min game.

  • Carlton-Club -


  • Mavi -

    rabbit kannst du mir vllt einen gefallen tuen?
    Gestern abend als ich gespielt habe wurde ich von rage[jedusor] (-,-) gebannt.
    der angeblicher grund ist "cut cable".
    Aber es war so dass meine kleine schwester im spiel den knopf vom pc gedrückt hat
    Ich verstehe nicht wie leicht die leute jemanden bannen nur weil sie den recht dazu haben!!!
    ich bitte um einen unban

    • Mavi -

      ich bitte um eine antwort wenn du es siehst :)

    • RaBBit. -

      ganz einfach zu erklären. das sind unsere regeln.
      mach einen ban appeal thread und sag das dort, dann wird der unban kein problem sein

    • Mavi -

      das problem ist dass es nicht die wahrheit ist wofür ich bann bekomme

    • RaBBit. -

      ja dann schreib es und der ban kommt weg, dafür haben wir appeals.
      freundlich und sachlich dort nen appeal schreiben und -,- wird dich direkt unbannen.

  • sacrifice -

    Rabbit pls cn u kick the_brave tournament?i play neyt after 19:00 hour..but kick him my team he cry and feed always..dont need my team..

  • Kunklao -

    Do u need more admins? i think u're overload by checking threads. I opsted 2 times, and still got no replies. :(

    • RaBBit. -

      y we allways need acive admins, but before u request for it u should be active here at forum first (at least 200+ posts) and ingame. also u should be known and respected before u get admin rights

    • Kunklao -

      u're right by admitting u need. Ur not by guessing i wanted to request one more time. But maybe u can post a thread u're searching for support. I would bet there are many sedulous bees ;) (with more posts and recent activity than i got)

      ~ A fault confessed is half redressed! ~

    • RaBBit. -

      btw where did u post your 2 reports?

    • Kunklao -

      SilversRayleigh - 17 hours ago
      Posted the thread Ban player: bistdummoderwas.
      GN: [BK] DOTA APEM #68407 Link: ghostplay.de/stats/game/1577456 Player: BistDummOderWas Reason: Plugger / leaver

      SilversRayleigh - Yesterday, 11:44am
      Replied to the thread Ur Statssystem is bugged -.-.
      Why no response by the adminteam???

      SilversRayleigh - Friday, 11:21am
      Posted the thread Ur Statssystem is bugged -.-.
      I won this game and its drawed? :S gimme the win i deserved :) Greetz I just report this cuz of the arrgoant fagbehavior of player kuolas. GN: [BK] DOTA APEM #68306 ghostplay.de/stats/game/1569335

    • Kunklao -

      I feel this is a wrong section to dicuss it. Sorry for writing on ur wall but i needed ur attention once...

  • Salix -

    Hi, unban plz, one day, I think that's enough, I don't want to go,I recently happened just out of the game throws and writes "go to Main menu" and all, and so I'm not Levi can watch previous games. Unban please My nick - Sator

  • cricone34 -

    plz luck dis rplay meni abuz votr abuz tp on arena layn stel and mor BK] HORDE VS ALLIANCE #6719

    • RaBBit. -

      puh. what did u say exactly?... its not english or? but u want me to watch replay cause someone tp out of arena y? ^^

  • cricone34 -

    I have a problem 1 player on hoarde tp on arena and votkick aliance players and kick as

  • cricone34 -

    hi man

  • noobHero -

    Hi. You banned me at that game: ghostplay.de/index.php/Thread/…light=hvsaboon#post108749

    Well.... the point is: I really checked my chat Log while game was running and........ sorry but in my chat log my message with "up" was really really first. I was really surprised that I was not first when after all I checked again the chat log. ..... Please check again the chat log and read what another player wrote:

    01:55 BeW_Frostterror: blue first up

    Even BeW_Frostterror saw and said that I was first up ! Pls check the chat log again:


    So it's not the whole truth what Creed/gamered said. He lied cause BeW_Frostterror saw and said it the same like me. He also was really not nice / unpolite to me so that was why I cancelled doing aura .... sorry but also after he started to behave like ***** I had enough of him. So........ I am really sorry for that but it wasn't my purpose.

    Hope u can understand that.


    PS: Would be nice if u can unban me. Thanx!

    • GamerED -

      00:01 GamerED: up
      00:01 hvsaboon: up
      00:01 NIAR: down
      00:01 Falcon.: up
      00:02 NIAR: down
      00:02 Falcon.: up
      00:02 NIAR: down
      00:02 Falcon.: up
      00:04 owad: down
      00:06 GamerED: first
      00:10 BeW_Frostterror: !swap 4
      00:17 GamerED: no sry
      00:23 Gamered: Team Who First Up?
      00:26 Ghost99: Gamer First Up
      00:29 BeW_Frostterror: creed awap
      00:29 GamerED: vg
      00:31 BeW_Frostterror: swap
      00:34 hvsaboon: i am up
      00:36 GamerED: no sry
      00:44 Ghost99: purp first
      00:46 hvsaboon: read chat noob
      00:47 Gebbo: hm
      00:51 BeW_Frostterror: !swap 3
      00:51 Gebbo: green aura ?
      00:52 NIAR: purple is up
      00:53 NIAR: blue
      00:54 NIAR: gtfo noob
      00:55 Ghost99: i looked chat
      00:55 GamerED: i before you
      00:55 owad: yy
      00:59 Falcon.: no
      01:00 Falcon.: pin
      01:01 Ghost99: and purp is up
      Here you can see two teammates confirm that I was up and you even insult me because I said I was first, as I was. But I should have explained better what delay is but you fucked my game up in the beginning so I was really pissed but it does not justify that I sometimes wasn't helpful or wrote -die. For this I am sorry, but please in the future do read what others put in chat and I have no idea why bew said you up because it wasn't true but two others said I was so unfortunately was your fault. As you will have learned from this I am fine with your ban being lifted but that is completely up to Rabbit.

    • noobHero -

      Ya, also not nice that I said "noob". Normally people say that to me (cause of my stats ... I dont think they are bad but even u laughed about them later :P) so ........ this time I called you noob. I admit. This wasn't nice.

      But the truth is: In my chat log I called first "up". BeW_Frostterror confirmed that. After end of game I was surprised reading and realising it in the chat log of ghostplay.de page but it wasn't on purpose of mine. So yeah .... I don't know what to say more ....

      In this game (I really like to play it) often struggle and so after all (also often being called "noob" and so on...) I do not anymore ease/buckle ..... in this case this was a fault of mine but I repeat: not on purpose.


    • RaBBit. -

      ok i will unban you, but dont do that again. later all of your team said u wasnt first. sometimes u can trust the other players. u see yours first, cause u had delay. that can happen. unbanned i hope gamerd is ok with that ;D

    • noobHero -

      "sometimes u can trust the other players." Today that's a real problem. When u can trust? Once I was a really good Counterstrike player .... but then cheats became more and more often......

      After all: I am sorry that I was wrong. I just trusted my chat log. Was a stupid situation. If I will be once in a game with Gamered I will try to give him some items if possible.


    • GamerED -

      Yes I am completely fine with it, seems to be a honest mistake, and we learn from our mistakes. I also have learned not to act on my quick temper ;P Yes it was confusing when bew you said you up, I'm not sure why but yeah. Trust me everyone struggles always going to be someone better than you. Keep playing, keep loving the game and keep learning.

  • GamerED -

    Hey, RaBBit thanks for banning them, sorry I gave the wrong game in the thread! cheers

    • noobHero -

      .....but u didn't say the truth and that is a sad point. Even BeW_Frostterror said same thing like me and NOT as u said whole team. U lied and u know that !

    • GamerED -

      This is about different ban what I said above @'noobhero'

  • Hakunin7 -

    got banned again can you please help names just Hakunin got banned by real love bvb said for luring creeps at first wave don't remember doin that just want to play didn't mean to break any rules thanks again

  • Hakunin7 -

    hello need help getting my ban lifted my name is Hakunin i got banned by tueurenserie said left after death which isn't fair didn't rage quit must be when i disconnected or when i had a bluescreen error please help me get back on horde vs alliance

  • t.t.t -

    eine frage

    • t.t.t -

      hab noch 1 tag ban könntest du den vllt bitte wegmachen?
      Hab es am ende des spiels gemacht und war auch nur einmal weil ich so schlecht war...
      und falls ich sowas wieder mache ban mich einach 30tage oder so :)

  • lilianmor -

    So you banned me for one game vs Whocaresimmoon ? this guy just talked bad to me coz he is admin, didnt say anything wrong except "stfu u r not a god dont act like this on guys"
    i spammed "-die" coz yellow died after i was unmuted (muted by yellow for no reason), we have no right to do this vs admins ? ok ok i understand the way how we have right to act vs admins and vs others, that's not fair :/

  • bot1.uk -

    otubualbert@gmail.com that my email send me your resume or cv aand i send u mine or we can send others stuff let me know

  • FlatbushZombie -

    Hello, for some reason i cant get an activation code sent to my account so i cant type a proper post. Ive been banned by a random player tonight for swearing when i told him it wasnt a contest, was wondering if that was against rules to begin with and if i can get a ban repeal, thank you

  • Hakunin -

    hey got banned again by nameless for nothing left to go to the bathroom names is Hakunin. is there anyway to stop people abusing the admin. bans should be for maphackers. not fair people shouldn't ban for leaving i had to go

    • RaBBit. -


      read our rules.

      leave is ban reason too. thats not abuse.
      if u need go tell that ingame before u leave. and if u forgot u are free to do an ban appeal at the right section.