timpson V.I.P.

  • Member since Jun 8th 2015

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  • Obstverkaeufer -

    HEy Timpson may u upload Dota v. 85M? Cause the usual version isnt an oportunity since the new bnetpatch 1.29 ! In the 85 m version ther still many bugs but atleast u can sell items :)

  • Sairamganesh -

    hello timpson you banned me because i left game it was almost over we had lost . i had my parents on skype . its new year please see if you can unban me . thanks :) happy new year to you .

  • Redscar -

    ok/ you banned me for 2 days, why now i have 5 days ban ?

  • SYD.Berna -

    frohe Weihnachten, timpson :)

    Hoffe es läuft jetzt alles glatt nach dem Ownerwechsel :)

    LG Berna

  • Child -

    it still doesen't work... i can't join

  • Dj-X- -

    xD :D xD :D :))

  • Father2013 -

    hello Timpson, need some help with a favoriting/ prejudice admin. this kid doesn't ban people he is friends with, and only bans people who retaliate to people breaking rule or instigating fights or arguments. he has unfairly banned me and only simple hand slap to his friends that rule violated.

  • VtecOriginal -

    Great work there m8!

    Regards ;)

  • l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l -

    Today i buy colore name but my name not change

  • tipiuf -

    hey Mr. Timpson :) can u unban me pls.. i banned for no reason i fail top lane in 4 min 0 2 and cant do nothing on that lane so i go to mid to get some farm. after we won game i get 7 5 10 score. so that was pretty much good move for my team. but noob easy dont like me and he decide to ban me. hajst is probbaly his mate and he give me 24h ban for nothing. thats not fer i think but u will decide if u have time for my problem. ty

  • Vtec -

    Hi, du ich hab mal ne Frage.... folgender Sachverhalt :

    bin auf meinem alten lala.Vtec Account eingeloggt, möchte aber bei meinem neuen (Vtec) Stats reseten, kann mir jedoch keinen neuen Account machen da ja meine Email schon in Benutzung ist. Habe aber auch keine Möglichkeit gefunden meinen alten Account zu löschen um die Email wieder für den neuen Account verwenden zu können..... Kannst du mir das mal erklären was da nich hinhaut? :)

    • xXTeRRoRFreaKXx -

      sag mal bescheid was das ergeben hat.hab das gleiche prob

    • RealLoveBVB -

      Ihr könnt euren neuen Account einfach mit dem selben Forenaccount confirmen. Beim alten wird das dann automatisch gelöscht. Ihr braucht nicht mehrere Forenaccounts :) mit deinem Forenaccount "xxgabberfreakxx" kannst du also auch deinen bnetaccount "xxterrorfreakxx" confirmen

  • ChocoLateBoy -

    i need help
    me ChocolateBoy i got ban by krullbull
    again and again for same reason please unban me and stop him
    i did not do any thing wrong

  • rosen- -

    operating is hard. dude cheer up. man im in a california !

  • lndy -

    Hi Timpson. I have the same problem about my stats. Can u please fix my stats back to normal (if u can fix it).

  • Verbal Kint -

    And please dude, let me know why dark_nightmare is able to play with new_sun_rises acc which isn't on admin list and has admin rights on 2 differents acc name. Ty

  • HOOTZ -

    How do u put in a name like u have Root Adminstrator?

    • HOOTZ -

      like you see u have like little name next to your name Timpson says Root Administrator can u change that to what ever u want?

    • timpson -

      Ah now i got it :D. For me its automatically because im am root admin, but you can change it on your profile page via click on button "edit profile" and field is "Custom User Title"

    • HOOTZ -

      alright ty

    • HOOTZ -

      but for some odd reason it isn't popping up for me with Custom User Title. So possibly I might have to get more posts and get different rank.

    • Nameless -

      Only admins can edit this field

  • jbomb1717 -

    Thanks for taking the time to review the ban request! Your the best.

  • Dracossack -


    int main()
    printf("I love you timp\n");

  • ViRuZ- -

    You do a nice job champ, keep going.

  • Pascal2Brutal -

    Got banned for no reason by Dj-X
    Says I left a game but I never started one.
    Plz unban
    Check how many games I play on BK, clear unfair ban.
    Plz do something mate

  • IIIKvazarIII -

    my be mattdemon is afk ruiner and maybe need some quality not only speed

  • x[GoD]x -

    Heyy , welcome and congratz for yur new position :) . & thank for your implication for the communauty :)))

  • IIIKvazarIII -

    Мan it says "Express work" quite violators received their deserved for a short time. I will make no appeal for my bans.
    I could not see noobs will be good for me for a few days.

  • oO_Useless_Oo -

    Of COURSE TIMP you Bann all only FLAMERS here IN BK This Whocaress Report me for WHAT ? i make joke that i LEARN new Dota I was CLAN GSD admin and i PLAY only RGC i come here only to KILL High ELO /Stackers SOLO

    what can i do when here are soo many low skill ppl dont know why they dont play vs AI BOTS xD

    Show all my Games and READY LOBBYLOG GAMELOG then say what REALBVB LUNA FATE knows ME

    and say this ALL FLAMERS to Play they pubi games on not more

  • dontkillmeIV -

    you r admin too. Why u can't ban him?

  • dontkillmeIV -

    timpson how can u see whole list fog click? Could u share me?

  • The Destroyer -

    Thanks you bro for everything you do to me and bye bye + Good luck

  • Chicano -

    hey i am new member at this channel and i need help ,do you know how can i activat my acc?

  • doriath -

    Welcome :) its a pity we lost this game. but at least we fought bravely! :)

    • timpson -

      Its important to be able to lose a game with honor and manners. And in the end i'm not born for ff :)

    • timpson -

      Cant write on your wall :( -> This member limits who may view their full profile information