Dj-X- Dota player

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  • 31
  • from Greece
  • Member since Jul 17th 2015
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  • [B] -

    oh Dj-x From heart i miss you :) Hope you are fine and family two God protect you my best brother.

  • Crazy.Girl -


  • doriath -

    You closed your topic so i wont open it, but i need to tell you that you will not be forgotten here. You made your impression here, you made maphackers & other violators tremble in fear! you became admin after me.. but you did more requests than i ever will.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you back whenever you have time and feel like it :)

    and for those who will be sad when they miss you: here some fun take makes us smile ^^…an-lead-you-to-PERMA-BAN/

    • Dj-X- -

      Yes is true i closed it :) maybe my last action as admin :D well also i didnt want to have any reply by the people who hates me this days.. so one of the reason as well... Thank you anyway like always you are sugar girl!

  • Dj-X- -

    Thats it!!! i edit new name in bar (The Worst Admin Abuser fk me) but the fk me doenst fit... :D

  • mrs666 -

    u are great dude,thank u so much :)

  • Be Happy :) -

    i miss you brother :(

  • Dj-X- -

    Im sorry that i cant be online anymore for now... I hope i can fix the problems that i have.
    Anyway i wish you Merry x-mas and Happy new year! and for the people who are single i wish you to find the true love :)
    Missya :)

  • Luna -

    happy birthday alex :)

  • X747X -

    Nice Picture :)

  • Dj-X- -

    Click Like or Dislike is so easy... the blame is also easy... to ignore is also easy... to have opinion for everything is also easy..
    to have haters is also easy.... all is easy when you back from your screen...! but what about in your real life is everything easy?

    "If you look at where we want to go, you go where you look"

  • Verbal Kint -

    Maybe he played a dota game with u that why ur name appear.

    • Dj-X- -

      I search for that and says none game in dota and this is really strange :/ Root need to check this btw maybe is system error or is possible someone to ban with my name? or hack? it could be anything but im sure that i never ban him cuz i dont have him in my list :) ummm better some root to delete his ban history if really dont hacks cuz this will keep happening.

    • Verbal Kint -

      Yes. I was the first surprised.
      How dota can ban hvsa player.
      No problem he is unbanned .

  • Ethen -

    i play you in legion toruny

  • doriath -

    amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing work :)

  • doriath -

    hope we all play soon again, fair fellow :)

  • SLI. -

    Nice Permaban ^^ Expire Date: 16.02.2027, 19:11 :D (x-cikal)

  • MindFreak.... -

    this is the

  • MindFreak.... -

    last game they did not want to make a draw , although more than half of my team came out , can you do something about it please?

  • doriath -

    so so so very very very useful :)

  • Demonhunter_2 -

    Support is really supporting nicely :)

  • PlayMan -

    Nice Avatar,

  • Dj-X- -

    Maphackers Get Lost!