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  • Shell32 -

    Your Warcraft 3 Account: ikramovaxilola

    Violators Warcraft 3 Account: tkrazy

    Game link: [BK] LEGION TD HELL x10 #28221

    Rule player violated: Votekick Abuse

    Please ban!!! he wrong banned give olsreigh

    AngryButterfly say: Banned leaver. There was no votekick abuse. The rules allow votekicking someone with <-100 score.

  • TrN.Shadowwheel -

    Hello moally i dont understand how you can justifie someone using those kinda words that he did in my ban request just cuz his your friend? im generally really confused. ? //shadowwheel

  • Sherrie-Skye -

    Heya hun! So, I hafta report some more bitter butthurt folks!
    I was playing a Legion TD Mega x10, Red was played by 'Awards'. Around wave 7 he typed /all and used the word 'toxic' out of context. I said: "I really hate it when millenials use the word 'toxic' out of context!"
    ..he got even more butthurt and said it again, at which point, I said: "I hate when trolls do it, too! ;)" and I /squelch'd him.
    (he apparently started throwing a tantrum, because Blue, Orange and Green talked in /all chat to him, asking why he was mad.)

    During the send for wave 10, the guy playing Orange (I don't remember his name, but, it started with a 'B') said: "This send is toxic." And I'm not in the mood for, I /squelch him, too!, I said: "I'll /squelch all you children, it doesn't bother me, none!"

    It's at THIS point, Red decided to abuse his power AS Red, and started a mandatory -vk against me..and it PASSED!

    I just wanted to say, regardless of whether anything'll be done about that or not, is irrelevant. But, childish BS like that will make people not wanna play the game at ALL..regardless of whether it's a BK game, or not!
    K, just wanted to mention tonights drama!
    (apparently TOO MANY children play, so, every night is drama..and I just don't feel like babysitting, anymore!)

    ..with respect. ♥

  • SWAxObo -
    Who banned you:
    Why are you banned: leaved the game cause i lost connection during bad weather outside so i lost internet and got ban
    Why you should be unbanned : im a big fan of warcraft 3 i respect the game and i respect your website too lots of good person and also fast Respond its awnsome and i hope to not get disconnected in the future

  • SWAxObo -

    Hi sir warcraft 3 account name : SWAxObo can i get a unbanned plz i will really appreciate it and i got banned for game leaving but i lost my internet connection cause of the bad weather outsite thank again sir

  • eggxo -

    Hey idk how to make a ban appeal. For this game [BK] LEGION TD HELL x10 #15081 it was this guy - surge_- who was toxic AF, then in the round 17 he see all his units and saying that he troll cuz he do not want this game anymore. u can check the chat. sorry but i did not know how to make a ban appeal. Have a good one :) here is the link to the game -

  • auraboy -

    hello moally i write ban appeal
    sorry for being leaver
    read and unban please.

  • sp8485 -

    When I enter the game room(ex [BK] LEGION TD MEGA X10 #111111), I'm not play game
    My Account is sp8485, and I didn't even neet to create a new account just in case.

    When you Check my account, not ban. but not play game(LEGION TD), I've registered a new article, so please check th attach image of it

  • OogKush -

    Hello mOAlly. I Need help. i make 2 Accounts here since yesterday but no one off them is getting this activation Email.
    i want too make a Ban Appeal. i try too ask Djovanni and Envy but no one write something. the Problem is i can´t make a Post without the Active Account. and i don´t know what i can do.
    Can you help me plz and sry for my bad English.
    the reason because i get banned whas that i leave 3 of 5 games. Sry for this i really don´t know that i can get ban for this and this will not happend more! i like Play on your Server. help me man plz.


    • mOAlly -

      I unbanned you for now. But if you leave again the bot will ban you again since your stayrate is very bad! Only join games if you can stay. And if you are new.. ask for help in the Lobby BEFORE the game even starts!

    • OogKush -

      Ohh nice thank you really nice. i will not leave more 100%! and yes i am new i will ask other in the game for help.
      P.S. with the Email Activation Code you can not help out? I don´t know why i not getting it.

      thx mOAlly!

    • mOAlly -

      i will check that later.. playing myself right now and going to bed soon!

    • OogKush -


  • Sherrie-Skye -

    Hun, aNOTHER issue with that 'sherlock'. How do I upload this game I saved..the guy's a SERIOUS troll!

    • Sherrie-Skye -

      ..I tried to start a 'conversation' with you and send you the file that way, but, it said the file was too big.

    • mOAlly -

      Sry.. was crazy busy yesterday.. can you give me the gamelink? So i can just check the convo.. Maybe thats enough.. Ima ban him anyway now.. u can upload the game to some filehoster and post the link to my wall!

    • Sherrie-Skye -

      Ugh. I understand busy, hun! My now-X walked out on me (left me for the girl he cheated on me with, because I expected him to be responsible and help around the house)..he left me financially, I had who I thought, was a good friend of mine and his 2 younger kids move in with me, so-to help with bills and give them a safe and clean roof over their heads.. (4yo and 8yo - awful, demonic children..playing with knives, scissors, tryna jump out of windows, wiping poo all over my toilet, taking markers and coloring my carpet..etc)..I JUST kicked THEM out during the middle of last week!
      So, I'm only now, seeing that you replied here.
      ..I apologise. :/

  • Loco -

    Sry dont know how write on the right site...
    i got banned and its not right...

    My Account
    First Leaver (loco88888)
    Second leaver (zermalmerjoe)
    Third leaver (pandu)
    Fourth leaver (huskiedawg)

    my PC was really down... i had to fresh install my laptop and had problems with grafikcard.. so i got disconnected from warcraft like 10 times, but it was not because me was loosing... plz unban... if you need proof explain me how to send you print screens and do it and i send you a picture of my pc, eaven not installed word or someting else on it...

  • Sherrie-Skye -

    Hi there, I'm still waiting on the 9-digit activation code thingy, but, also have zero idea where to send this saved game, to? ((you and I were just in the same LTDMega, and my team lost because no one knew how to heal - I was Purple)).

    • mOAlly -

      Heya.. the dude admited it to me on private chat after the game.. Since we both dont have the work now I'll ban him just two week from monday! If thats okay for you? It was the sherlock dude.. <-- banrequest in LTD would go here

    • Sherrie-Skye -

      I figured it was. He was kind of a jerk ingame. But, thank you. In fairness. Just one week should do, if that's ok, hun? I was Purple and he was Red. A teammate should never (no one should ever)..but, one week should suffice. ♥

  • Mikael... -

    Is there a way to contact BuuFuu or one of the owners? With this update from blizzard I want to make a proposition for a switch not complete shutdown. Or a board of members I can e-mail or write to?

  • Floppy88 -

    Sorry that i left yesterday immediately. that was not my intention. i hope you can unban me this time.
    but why i got banned and this guy ( who reported me, can leave any time he want without any ban?

  • Ctrlz -

    How about 5 day ban instead

    • mOAlly -

      I'm sorry. But acting nice now after the trouble u caused an all the excuses is a lil late. You'll have to sit it out now.

  • Ommgg - ur just a joke m8 lol, stop acting smart if ur obv not ;)
    10d because u think i knew what im doing, explain me then how you knew this because i didnt know ull get banned for peanuts like this. but i honestly dont care just wanted to tell u ur a joke, big man wish u had sth more important to do with 31 beside beeing a fortune teller in a forum and even failing ur "job" here . thx for the permaban inc i guess ? oh wait ill use proxy and find back into game. get lost u can have this account daddy

  • mateo -

    Hi, my account has been banned, I do not know why you could help me please ID:NCS[POP]

  • ATHAN -

    Moin mOAlly,
    wie es aussieht, wurde ich wohl von dir gebannt. Grund hierfür: "leaver"
    Ist für mich das erste Mal.
    Naja jedenfalls hatte ich in dem Moment eine schlechte Verbindung und wollte das Spiel nicht unnötig aufhalten, sorry..
    Wir sind vor kurzem umgezogen und die Verbindung ist noch recht bescheiden (Wlan Verstärker ist bereits unterwegs ;))
    Ich wäre dir für die Aufhebung recht dankbar!

  • Kalliope -

    Do you know dude, it really pissed me off, that you are closing my threads. I explain to you, why they think I had leave, because my game crashed. I can´t nothing do against it, my game closed, it cames a warning signal and tells me with a red X "fatal error". I fixed that problem and now I get banned for something that happend in the last month! I want to ask, how long a ban for leaving is, but you closed the threads and you said nothing to my explain that my game crashed. Why I get banned for this? You can see how often I play the game, I never leave, I play till the end, even if I have no chance because I´m the last one left. You are taking away the fun of this game with such actions and be not nice to me, you even don´t talk to me and I never read in the rules that you get bannes becaus your game crushed. There are so much leavers because of 1 leak in first round and I get banned for something that I not planned or wanted. I don´t know what a problem you have, but its not fair from you to ban me for this and not talking to me even I have questions!

    • mOAlly -

      Look, the thing is we have 10 people every week with the same excuse. If the game crashes. The leaving message is different, its either a desync or a remote host closing.. this is where you got dropped due to a fail of the game or your internet - and here you leave by quitting the game which you get banned for if some1 reports it.. its that simple.. if you just said sorry and i wont do it again i would've unbanned you with no hesitation.. but now u gotta wait 1d and 19 more hours..

      And you do leave from time to time.. its not like you never leave.. this time some people just got really pissed cause it was at a really anoying moment and they reported you. ->…ighlight=kalli#post209545 and thats why you are banned

    • Kalliope -

      Ich versuche es jetzt mal auf Deutsch zu erklären, da du anscheinend aus der Schweiz bist xD Also ich hatte keinen DC, ich weiß, dass das dann anders aussieht. Ich hatte Probleme mit meiner Festplatte, das Spiel stürzt einfach ab ohne DC, schließt sich und Windows gibt mir eine Fehlermeldung mit "Fatal Error". Ich hatte das bisher ungefähr 3 oder 4 Mal, mal abgesehen von blöden DC´s die aber auch nicht an meiner Leitung liegen sondern am Spiel. Und ich hätte gesagt "Sorry es kommt nicht mehr vor" wenn ich es bewusst getan hätte. Ich hab aber noch nie geleavt, außer es war mit dem Team abgesprochen weil ich zum Beispiel aufgrund der rolls nur geleaked habe und die eher behindert habe als geholfen. Aber dann biete ich an ich gehe wenn ihr wollt und gehe nur wenn die zustimmen. Ich dachte auch es wäre ein permanent Ban, sonst hätte ich gar nix hier geschrieben. Ich warte jetzt die Zeit ab. Es ärgert mich nur das ich als Leaver hingestellt werden obwohl ich auch oft Runden verliere weil Leute einfach leaven, nicht heilen oder sonst was. Mich regt das extrem auf, weil das Spiel dann einfach unfair ist. Gut ich hab auch schon 1 gegen 4 gewonnen aber das ist dann Glück...Wie auch immer, ich sag mal danke für deine Mühe und auch das du dir die Zeit nimmst das hier alles zu managen in deiner Freizeit. Wie gesagt ich hatte heute einen echt beschissenen Tag komme online bin gebannt aufgrund von leaving da ist mir einfach der Kragen geplatzt. Danke das du meine Frage beantwortet hast.

    • mOAlly -

      Kein Problem, ich hab schon verstanden was du meinst. Ich glaub Dir aber immer noch nicht. Aber da sich der Ton von Dir etwas geändert hab sinds jetzt nur noch 24h.. Viel Spass dann wieder beim zocken!

  • Ezz -

    Hey dude u just banned me. Can i ask why ? BK is not an elo game so there shouldnt be a punishment 4 leaving. wc3 Legion TD has zero to little balance so if u get really bad rolls its impossible do to really well. i have played about 1000 games of td in my life and i see no need playing a game where u have bad inc and scale badly into the late game. i know its possible to hold a lot but its no fun if u have no inc and untill wave 20 i will lose 2k-4k gold with bad inc. SO WHY DAFUQ BANN ?!?!?!?!? make the BK games elo and i would understand the bann and i wouldnt also fucking leave.
    so please unbann me ty

    • mOAlly -

      Calm your tits and write a ban-appeal in our forum.

    • Ezz -

      why should i calm my tits man its literally the stupidest ban ever. just because DETD isnt here at the moment u dont have to think that BK needs to ban every player that leaves.

    • mOAlly -

      I will always ban every leaver...

    • Ezz -

      ok dude i will wright here back since u answered my ban appeal to. Am i banned forever now on ur fucking host or what? who is the owner of this site and the BK host pls give me his name i want to write with him. ur clearly abusing ur postion with handing unnecessary banns out. Also... MAKE UR BK GAMES ELO SO PEOPLE HAVE A REASON FOR NOT LEAVING idiots....

    • mOAlly -

      read the rules and check your account... the owners agree with me here i can asure you.

  • OmgMyNameDdntFi -

    lol whatever dude, just so u know it was not only no scoreboard, also a black map. and 23% stayrate bc my old account doesnt work anymore for some reason with the new patch so i had to create a new one.i can't help if ur system doesnt work correctly and doesnt show my account. keep me banned then im sure ur doing the right thing, thats btw my main account…nipee/ but i cant login with it anymore :)

  • Phatbob -

    Really, ban for leaving an unfair game?

  • Morzh -

    Unban me plz

  • MaxHud -

    Sup, could you please unban please? only left becasue red fucked up mode.... have 88% stayrate never leave but this time i have limited playtime so didnt wanna play a boring game that someone alredy fucked up.

  • Maxaad -

    mOally, how come that my acc with Maxaad is banned and it states snippe banned?
    snippe is a rl friend of mine that has 2 alias with snippe and .:snippe. I only have Maxaad as an account and I think u can check the ip for that.

    • mOAlly -

      i guess he once played at your house or you played once at his? It should work now!

  • [BoJo]Kar -

    Hello! What I should to do for leave ban list? And who is that snake who did report? I left game because i had to, many people do this. And I stay in game almost 100%. It is
    mistake =)

  • StarWarsFan2018 -

    hey, you forgot one, the main guy i reported for leaving on lvl 20 bosses without using king heal which cost us the win at the end.

  • -

    Hi mOALLY;
    Can you please unban me ? I can't find the " ban appeal section".

  • JustinRR11 -

    Hey kannst du mich wieder entbannen. Bin wirklich kein Leaver. Das Game wo du mich gebannt hast ging bis runde 19 für mich, weil ich, ich gebe es zu geleavt bin. Aber nur aus dem Grund weil mein Team sonst verloren hätte und ich bei der Legion TD x10 nur geleakt habe. Was man denk ich als neuer Spieler auch mal darf. Daraufhin hab ich aufjedenfall den King für das Team geupt und habe ihnen noch einen schönen Tag gewünscht und bin darauf gegangen. Wenn hier so hart durchgegriffen wird finde ich das an sich gut. Würde das Spiel mit meinem Freunden aber gerne noch eine weile Spielen. Mit freundlichem Gruß JustinRR11

  • E.T. -

    haben heute 8:10 Uhr mit dir gespielt und hatten einen leaker im Team der nicht 1 mal, auch nicht 2 mal sondern von 1-11 immer mehr geleakt hat. Haben am Anfang versucht (ersten 3 Runden) ihm zu sagen was er besser machen sollte... aber keine Reaktion. Dann haben wir versucht ihn zu kicken (runde 8-10) aber das gegnerteam (moally und ein paar andere Typen) wollen ihn nicht kicken obwohl wir unseren Standpunkt klar geschildert haben. natürlich wissen wir, dass wir das spiel nicht mehr gewinnen können da wir für seine leaks nicht mal mehr Gold bekommen haben, also sind wir Aufgrund des Leakers und des ignoranten gegner Teams (moally ja auch du!) geleavt.

    • mOAlly -

      Hmm... ich hab heute morgen bei den games nicht so aufgepasst weil ich im TS mit wyatt war und mich der Jack zugeheult hat per whisper. Ich glaube ich weiss welches spiel, aber haben wir da nicht versucht ein draw zu machen und Ihr wolltet nicht? Weil am schluss war 4n1 glaube ich und dere andere wollte immer noch nicht drawn.. Oh, und jetzt bist du banned? Mach bitte kurz nen appeal dann unbanne ich dich!

    • mOAlly -

      Hab mir das game gerade angeschaut und bim mit dem ultra im TS. Sorry was echt mein Fehler, aber hab das echt nicht gepeilt im game.

    • mOAlly -

      Hab dich jetzt entbannt. Du warst wohl der Erich oder? Aber wir haben ja auch schon x10 zusammen gezockt und solltest wissen das ich sowas nicht extra mache!

    • E.T. -

      jop Ich bin Erich und bedanke mich recht herzlich.-)