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  • Benjigsaw -

    Wieso genau hast du mich gebannt? Ich hab nicht geleavt, denn manchmal wenn wir per Timer auf einen Spieler warten weil er lagt passiert es dass kurz nachdem er gekickt wird ich die Verbindung verliere. Könntest du bitte den Bann auflösen?

  • david -

    hello, my account is NCS [POP], I was banned for no reason, could you help me please?

  • Sairamganesh -

    the one who banned me isnt reading could you unban me? please

  • eBay -

    Do you support stupid players?

    I will never go kikar this way, if I want to kiko up to level 4 or 5, after that the player is totally stinky

    You can bannier me as much as you want, not kiko myself, I've already lost countless games for having players who ruined my games, but that's part of it, there are players that are learning, it's going to help you.

    See my last game, muslim123 -73 scores, he ruined game, i no vote kik, we tried to help, and lose game.

  • scimmy121 -

    i am the one who did a ban appeal for a game i got banned in legion

  • scimmy121 -

    ehm girlpower how am i suppose to do a new acc and play?

  • Vincend -