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  • kido213 -

    Hi striker i wrote you a message but I pin it also down here hopefully you dont mind, if you do tell me and i will delete:)

    Hi Striker,

    Sry that i contact in that way and i also dont know if i speak english or german (you could tell me what language you prefer to converse).
    I am writing you regarding a ban and i hope you can shed a bit of clarity into that case.
    I am new to the whole wc3 community and i got banned by the name of namiproski. (I assume that is the name of the user who reported me not my actual profile name
    and i just would like to understand the reasoning behind it.

    I hope you can give me a moment of your time, so i get the backgroundinfos.

    Have a nice evening kido213

    Second message

    I also get no activation email and i dont really know where i should make the ban appeal (game mode was hellhalt td but there is no ban appeal there)
    Another problem i got is that i think maybe my acc got hacked or deleted because now i had to reconnect under a different acc ...
    Would really appreciate what is going on here.

  • SIMBI -


    hoping to get a ban removed if you have a moment to look into my case. i wrote a ban appeal. thank you!

  • sage -

    hi there i was ban and dont know why would like to know for how long and how to get unban thx.

  • cisco3 -

    pls game:
    u dont read alll ....…an-ruine-game-and-leaver/
    not 1 player i vote to ban...

  • Undefeated -

    but i dont leave or steal etc ..zzz

  • Undefeated -


  • Undefeated -


  • Undefeated -

    I was Legion...zzzz i did not do anything wrong lol

    • STRlKER -

      u are currently banned. u dodged the ban = bandodge = increase ban duration

  • Unbanmelol -

    Striker please ban NAY from game #6886 he ruin a game because of bag in the middle of duel he move and give me magic kill me and than all leave.

  • God-Of-Power -

    " iam pretty sure that i told u some days ago that ill find out who u are, and ur other forum acc suddendly stopped and now u are here again. boring. "

    striker whats this mean? you don't know me? and what you told me before?

    what acc you talked about i can not understand man...

    please explain

  • BELFI - plz see this game and on minute 8 th000 left before dead plz ban him i make thread too thx

  • Maestro[NEP] -

    Brother can you take the ban that gave me a proxy? I had a desync on the modem is not unplug hvsa #6404 nick:Maestro[NEP]

  • AdminsSuxHard -

    all games he has desync???…?postID=169917#post169917

  • bogdan_6991 -

    thx bro)

  • bogdan_6991 -

    STRIKER unban me plz... [BK] HORDE VS ALLIANCE # 5493 (bogdan6991)
    I no use unplugg!
    Switched off the light in my home and i left.
    look my stats i never no use unplugg.sry....

  • ownedbyd -

    I cant find any options to delete my own post.

  • AdminsSuxHard -

    Hi Striker, check this please.…he-ban-no-reason-for-ban/

    Kleiner Tipp für die Zukunft. Lies bitte den kompletten game log, und nicht nur ein teil!
    Es ist nur schade für denjenigen, der unrecht gebannt wird.

    • STRlKER -

      dein kleinen Tipp kannst du dir sparen, sehe ich aus als mache ich das zum ersten mal?

    • AdminsSuxHard -


    • STRlKER -

      ok, wir sehen ja das ergebnis. check nochmal unsere Regeln bevor du Tipps verteilst ;)

  • Unbanmelol -

    Hi Striker, 1 question, for what did you banned me ? KillSlukBlink.

    • Unbanmelol -

      Hey... I didnt do nothing for what you can ban me, so unban me. Admins like you only destroy good feeling from oldcool, super game like warcraft is, you are admin for helping the others players not ban everybody if somebody ask you for it. Unban me and explore for what you banned me. How old are you 12 ???

    • STRlKER -

      46:12 KillSlukBlink: doesnt matter also for all life mother fucker dont cry and play
      46:17 KillSlukBlink: -cry
      46:39 KillSlukBlink: i will ban because he is PRO
      46:41 KillSlukBlink: hehe
      46:44 KillSlukBlink: Motherfucker

      u are banned because insult and feed on purpose, if i see that gamelog, how old are u? 12? its players like u who destroy the good feeling from an old game like wc3, you are there for playing not for insulting other players in game. u stay banned, and next time, dont ask me here, check ur acc at stats page and check the game and u will see why u are banned. if u still have questions, u might able to check our rules as well.

    • Unbanmelol -

      Ok, thanks for answer, but i was not insulting nobody, they want kick me because in this game I had most death, sometimes happened not every game is the best game and there was not reason for leave. They wrote me I will be baned and staff like that, I can defend my self. I just want play and finnish that winner game. I dont know all rules but i play normal never leave before end and also never cry like others. So there is not reason for ban me i was just fefend my self if they still want kick you. I think there was not reason for banned me just think about that. I can still play on other ip address for me it doesnt matter. I wrote you, just for know it. Sorry that i m bodering you here but I m not good in thos forum and also i mnkt using this page or another about wr3.

    • STRlKER -

      to use another ip adress is called ban dodge and will lead to an increases ban duration. so if u dodge, u will be banned longer and longer. just admit ur mistake, and dont tell me excuses about votekicks and a fast game. u insulted, thats all.

  • Ike) -

    Hey, 2 days and he doesnt answer me so i need help, i dont know how u can ban me without proofs only ip but its a problem, i can give u the facebook profiles of the player bscfrankz, he is the mh who has the same ip like me, and he is doing full acc who appear in my ip too

  • siepalis -

    hello striker , i knew you banned me for leaving sorry

  • Invincible -

    man ..can i ask why you ban me Cenarius. ?i dont leave after dead wtf

  • Ike) -

    LOL dude, i only did dodge using Dump3d, do you understandi have problems with my IP? Nameless was who understand and helps me, i wasn't playing coz i have studying but now im in vacations, and u forbid me to play for things that i didn't do?

  • Jesus. -

    Man why did u ban me?

  • remi -

    hello striker , i knew you banned me for leaving this night , i am real sorry for semetex because he is good player , i total make non sense this night with fucking drunk .

    can we make a deal ? i promise to stop playing when i am drunken like that the WE , and you decrease my ban ? if i do that again or break my promese you ban me for 14 days ?

    i know its not the first time i break rules when i drunk , the week normal i didnt , and check who break rules , i apologize this fucking shit i make with semetex , its not cool really

    I am tired to play on KOS when i was banned on bk lol they are full elavers/stealer etc ...

    • STRlKER -

      i will unban u, we dont Need Deals Deals, just make Sure u are able to follow rules, even if u are drunken.

    • remi -

      thank you for your understandting striker , i will dont disapointed you in the futur ;) and ofc i make sure for not breaking again rules with this situation ;(

  • YoungBlood -

    When someone leave, if they pull plug instead of normal leave, is it ban?

  • DobryMarcin -

    there is a rule @StayLocal. check out bevore Comment here. and iam Not ur kurwa. its only a Warning ban. closed.

    and you think that all players are going to read this bullshit?

    'kurwa' - 'angry' you little rat

  • John25 -

    Because you forbid me if I voted to votekick my ally because he did tp, I do not understand, you forbid me without any reason you are mistaken man

  • Maestro[NEP] -

    Why did you give me ban ? I did not do anything wrong in the game, I hope an expanation of this thanks, he new map is bug

  • ~.~ttt~.~ -

    STRIKER ...

  • Holdup -

    Hey my account is currently Rick&MortySE3 you were gonna help me out with getting unbanned, Won't allow me to join (KOS) games so i'm not sure if im banned or somthing else - Thanks

    • HOOTZ -

      This is bk btw and if you are trying to join kos games it be simple eazyto join unless you having some bnet lag and not allowing you to join game. I have had this happen simple just exit w3 and try again. You can also reset your internet.

    • STRlKER -

      right, i cant help u, this is bk, Not kos. if u have Problems to join bnet in General - have a look at our support Section